Help! My Toddler Throws Away Food : What To Do?

Toddlers are usually picky eaters and tend to reject food at first sight unless they get a taste of it. Mothers are always worried as to innovate ways in which a toddler doesn’t reject any food item just with the sight.  Well, the presentation of food items surely holds much importance for the kids and if it looks yummy then only they are going to have a bite of it.

Well, it has been observed with several kids that they throw away food items, finger food rather than eating it or keeping it back in the plate or feeding bowl. Many mothers are constantly concerned with such behavior as to why their kids do this when there is no one in the house who does this. There main concern is to also to make their kids understand why it is not a good habit to throw food on the ground or anywhere.

So, here are some of the potential reasons behind this ideology and also the ways in which mothers can understand the possible ways to deal with this.

  • Toddlers tend to learn new things each day and this is yet another thing that they have discovered recently. Food that is thrown has several impacts and toddlers enjoy the sight of these impacts. Like throwing bites of bread or sandwich falls in the ground, liquid food spreads on the floor and like that.
  • Always let them experiment the playing, throwing or pouring games in the bath tub or during the evening stroll by the beach or park, where they can fully satisfy their instinct to throw the things and see the resultant impact. Don’t restrict them as they will start the same with food when you stop them.
  • Try to serve less food on their platter because they get bored to see so much food on their platter and innovate ways to have fun out of it. Serve only a few items or bites and let them finish. When they finish it then serve more.
  • Sometime the kids throw away food to grab attention and see how it affects other near them. So best way to let them eat the food is to play a game as to “how many bites left more” or each bite for a family member. and like that. This will keep their interest alive and they will eat their food properly.
  • Encourage your toddler to finish food in a tidy manner and reward them if they successfully do so. This will make them understand how good the habit is and will practice it each day.
  • Point out when a toddler tosses food because then only they will understand that they did something that they are not supposed to do! Lure them a little for making the eating session mess free.

These were some of the practical ways in which you can make your toddlers leave the annoying habit of throwing away food items. Patience is another important thing which parents need to practice more when dealing with these behavioral activities in toddlers.

How does your toddler eat food?

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