High Heel Mom – High Heels After C Section

High Heel Mom

When I went to shop for a pairt of shoes my first thought was about the complications it may pose with regards to my delivery.  Since I had a cesarean section I had to stop and think for a moment about the difference it would make to my health.  After natural child birth with no complications women can return to their daily activities within a few days to a few weeks and this would include wearing high heels.

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The recovery time from a cesarean delivery is much longer in comparison.  It can be up to a year before you feel like your old self again and likely to be a month or more before you will feel up to wearing high heels.

  • Price: INR 1,500

I salvaged this pair from Done by None.  I was a bit skeptical about shopping online from a site that is relatively new and unknown.  To add to that my feet are small but in the end I couldn’t resist buying them

I wanted a comfortable pair of heels wherein I could hold Anvika my 2 month old baby girl without hurting my feet.  These are light weight platform heel shoes.  You feet are nice and snug with the lovely coral red bow over your toes and a lovely brown strap that holds your ankle firmly place so that you have a good grip of the ground when you walk.   They fit me perfectly and these platform heels are great for those moms who want to add inches to their height as well as comfort while handling their child.

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In the end if you absolutely must wear heels I would recommend sensible ones with a nice wide heel so that you are well balanced.   No five inch stilettos for a while!  As always, each person is different.  Be sure to listen to the signs that your body gives you and don’t push or overdo it.  Enjoy!

Ballets, flats, mules, pumps, heels…….What’s your post pregnancy shoe story?

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