Himalaya Bonnisan Review

Is your little one a fussy-eater?? Have you tried out every possible trick to help her eat everything that’s in her plate? Or does your baby have bad bowel movement?? Whatever the problem was I have always found refuge with the Himalaya Bonnisan.

This is one magic potion that has helped us ease many of our troubles. This was suggested to me by my lovely mom-in-law, who has given this potion to the Husband when he was a little fussy toddler. And we instantly accepted her advice and have been doing amazing ever since we started using it but of course with our pediatrician’s permission.

So here is my review for the Himalaya Bonnisan.

Where I bought it: From a nearby drugstore in our city.


  • Always consult your pediatrician and ask for the appropriate dosage according to your child’s age so you don’t need to face any health issue later on.
  • Never give more than the prescribed dosage to your infant.

Packaging: It comes in a dark tinted plastic bottle that is sealed inside a tall cardboard box. And it’s available in both syrup and drops form, you can choose according to your child’s liking.

Color and texture: It’s got a very light and shiny yellowish color, resembling to your sunflower oil but absolutely non-greasy and light in consistency.

Smell and taste: It smells like a toothpaste or more like a mouth-ulcer cream or something and taste almost like a cough-syrup but a bit more sweeter.

My Verdict about Himalaya Bonnisan:

I would definitely recommend this syrup to you, because this is something that has saved me a whole lot of trouble of soothing a grumpy little toddler, who refuses her meals or is scared of her painful bowel movement or is upset because of a bad stomach.

I also give it on my 9 months old when she has diarrhea or abdominal pain or get ‘gassy’. And I’m happy that it has worked miracles for us. But I’m just clueless on why doctors don’t prescribe it right away or at least at first few signs of trouble.

P.S: While I was busy typing this review down, I opened a photo of Bonnison that I had taken. And my daughter comes running into the room, sees it and shouts… “Ahh that’s Bonnisan! My favorite! I want to have it now”. And I think that pretty much sums up everything.

What I like about Himalaya Bonnisan:

  • The taste is not very strong, and so it’s more likely that children will not regret it.
  • It helps restore the functions of the baby’s digestive tract and helps in easy bowel movements.
  • It’s very abundantly available at every drugstore, which is something I really like about it.

What I don’t like about Himalaya Bonnisan:

  • I wish it came in a glass bottle rather in a plastic one because I’m not really sure of the syrup not reacting with the container’s plastic.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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