Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes Review


Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes



About Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

Your baby needs gentle care and protection. Himalaya Herbal range of baby products are specially formulated to ensure the health of your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Clinically tested for mildness, these products maintain fragile balance and complete well being of your child’s skin. Cleanses, moisturizes and keeps the delicate baby skin soft. An effective combination of herbs that moisturizes and keeps your baby’s delicate skin soft. Aloe Vera ensures moisture balance to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Indian Lotus keeps the skin dry and smooth.

Key Features

  • Take good care of your baby’s health & hygiene with soft disposable wipes
  • Contains extracts of aloe-vera & Indian lotus
  • Extra thick, soft and gentle for delicate skin
  • 100 % herbal actives
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 99% water based
  • Also suitable for use before and after meal time to keep germs away
  • Suitable for use during diaper changes to avoid diaper rash
  • Comes in a handy re-sealable pack
  • Contains purified water, plant extracts, imported rayon & moisturizing agents

Suitable for the Age – 0 months +

Care & Warnings:

  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not flush wipes.
  • Keep out of reach of children

Price: Rs.165 for 72 pieces



My view about Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

Himalaya gentle baby wipes comes in a just like any other wet wipes pack that is white in colour. The wipes quality is soft and gentle on skin. The wipes cottony and is thick enough for a good wipe. Thus, 1-2 wipes are enough for a diaper change. They are nicely moistened and don’t lead to itching or any sort of irritation on the baby’s skin. This is also suitable for the baby’s with sensitive skin. This doesn’t contain alcohol that can ensure its safety on the baby’s skin. This has goodness of Lotus extracts to keep skin dry and smooth. This easily removes the dirt and helps to clean the diaper change.

The resealing of the wipes is ok that helps to maintain the moisture after every use and this helps to maintain wetness of the wipes. You can also use this to wipe your baby’s face as a facial wipes, since this contain gentle, herbal and mild ingredients that doesn’t give tear. The fragrance is too mild and leaves nice powdery smell that surely won’t harm your baby. But, I doubt if this is good for my new born baby.



But, you can surely use these on the toddler and kids to take off the dirt and germs from their skin. This moisturizes the skin and helps to keep the skin delicate and soft. This has Aloe vera to maintain the moisture balance for suppleness.

What I like about Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

  • Has good moistened wipes
  • Alcohol free
  • Safe to use on kids and toddlers
  • Doesn’t cause allergy or rashes
  • Soft cottony and thick fabric
  • Doesn’t give tear when face is wiped
  • Cleanses and moisturises the baby’s skin
  • Mild fragrance
  • Pocket friendly
  • Can be used as facial wipes
  • Travel friendly
  • Ok packaging

What I don’t like about Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

  • Has a powdery fragrance that may not be suitable for new born babies

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes?

Yes, this is a ok buy wipes for the kids and toddler, but surely not for newborns as this has powdery smell that may not be suitable. Buy this if you are looking something in an herbal range for your baby. This is very good wipes to take off makeup, as the texture of the wipe is too good.

Have you tried Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes?

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