Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder Review

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I happened to have found a new love for my baby specially during this heat. Prickly heat powder is a daily routine for my baby as it is what the skin needs at the moment. In this scorching heat, this powder can actually work wonders to keep your child away from the pain and irritability on the skin that makes them keep scratching and try and reach to their back with their tiny hands.


So what is so special about the prickly heat powder from Himalaya? I am sure this question is definitely there on your mind. Well, first things first, as I already said, it is effective. Softer on the skin, it does not make your child jump with the chill as happens in the case of other adult prickly heat powders.
It also keeps your baby aloof of skin infections and makes him be comfortable even if there are prickles already. It soothes the skin immediately so that the child does not feel restless. The fragrance is also pleasant and does not make you feel irritated. It is rather soothing and at the same time does not give you a medicinal feel.
It is also very effective on diaper rash which is a common phenomenon specially during this period of the year when the sun is not kind enough to let us or the small kids stay without sweat and rashes. It is tested for its mildness and therefore is safe enough to be used at all times during the day. Rather it is a necessity if you want your kids to be safe of the sun and its atrocities.


On the economy part as well, this powder is very conducive to the pocket. It is available in various sizes and so everyone can choose the compatible size. The product has been manufactured to keep the name of the brand high and is definitely living up to its expectations very well.
The natural zinc, khus khus and neem are all renowned the world over for their natural benefits. These three are the basic ingredients of this powder and so, one can definitely be sure of the benefits and use of this powder.
There are various Indian and International brands available today and I feel instead of getting in flow of buying the expensive products coming from the outside, we should rely on the Indian manufacturing which is comparatively closer to the use of natural herbs and other ingredients.
No one can defy the quality of Himalaya’s range of products which has snatched market share from its tough competitors in very little time and today its major products are for kids. I am sure many of you would agree with me on the reliability quotient of these products from the brand. I am going to try the other products as well and get back to you with my views.


I can totally understand the concern of most mothers regarding these products and thus I thought it would be better to share a review on this product which forms part of our kids’ daily routine. We should be sure of what product we are using on those little kids and thus it ensures that we are keeping them safe in everything that touches them directly. Do share your reviews on the product!

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