Hiring Maid/Nanny? – 101 Things You Need To Know

The nanny or ayah(In India)  has often been labelled the third parent.  Washing bottoms, pushing prams, freighting schoolbags and ferrying tiffins is what she is supposed to do but in doing so also does what very few can do – build a special bond with the child.  It is a relationship that has no name and defies all others.

There was a time in India where it was a matter of pride for a woman to manage a child as well as the house without any help; but times have changed and so have women.  The majority these days are choosing their careers over the home thus paving the way for the ‘essential nanny’ and then the ‘quintessential nanny’

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                                 Don’t you wish for a Nanny which Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt must have hired?

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To hire a nanny first calls for you to understand your own family and requirements:

  • Are you a large family?
  • How many kids need to be taken care of.
  • Are you a young couple? Do you stay home or do you travel and entertain a lot?
  • Does your nanny have to be fluent in a certain language?
  • The level of education that she ought to have.
  • What about your religious beliefs and your acceptance of hers?
  • Do her looks matter?  Do you have to flaunt your employees?
  • Is your husband a skirt chaser cause then you got to get someone old and ugly!
  • Where will she stay if you need her full time
  • Do you need her for house work as well as to be a nanny to your children?
  • Can you provide a safe environment for the nanny to work in.

When you finally find her then you have to keep the following in mind:

  • Her person: Is she neat and tidily dressed? Does she maintain a good level of personal hygiene?  If she cares for herself she will also care for your baby
  • Her interaction with the child:  When she sees the baby for the first time how does she react?  Does she handle the situation calmly and wisely even if the baby is in no mood to meet a stranger?
  • Her interest in the position offered:  Does she ask the right questions? What are the baby’s eating patterns like, not ” do I have to cook for it” and What does the child like when it’s uneasy or out of sorts, not  ” does your kid cry?”.  Her communication with you is very important or else it may prove to be very unfruitful later.
  • Is she intelligent? She should be alert, able to sniff trouble and take the right decisions in a time of crisis and teach the baby productive things also.
  • Is she reliable and on time?
  • Will she have visitors? Are they family,  friends or partners?  Will you allow her to have men in the house be it in your presence or absence?
  • Is she physically fit? Does she get tired walking around the house? Does she like sitting indoors all the time?  Does she avoid going to the park or down in the building to play with the baby?
  • Is she is good health? In this day and age you can’t trust anyone. Please get a  blood and tuberculosis test done.

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Once that is settled then you still have a daunting task ahead of you:-/Things To Know Before You Hire A Maid

  • Checking references: You want to be sure you are hiring a nanny who  has the experience needed to take care of your child.  You will need to get in touch with as many previous employers  as you can.  Someone who is not giving you references could be bluffing. If the  previous employer doesn’t have much to say, then take it very seriously as a time to short-list  another applicant.
  • Background check: No matter how much the nanny and her references praise her, you still have to do a background check for any criminal records.
  • Do a test run: Yes please very important?  Spend a little money and try the lady out.  You may see a real gem at work or a dud.  Take a few days of leave and surprise her with your presence.  It will help you gauge her and if you are pleased once the trial period is over, hire her!

Where do you search for this ‘Quintessential Nanny’?/How To Get A Maid :-

  • Word of mouth.  Reccomendations!!!  There is nothing like it.  Often times, somebody will know somebody who is looking for that kind of work and is trustworthy.
  • Put an ad in your community paper in the classified section.
  • Your church, mosque, temple etc. Tell your priest what you are looking for.
  • Nanny/employment agencies in your city
  • Widows and women’s homes Give them a chance too!

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In the end If you find a truly fantastic person to care for your children, you want to keep her! 

Did you ever hire a nanny? What did you do to find the perfect one?

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