Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil

Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil

Now a days we find so many hair care products that one gets confused which one to use and which not. For me climate change brings a terrible hair fall spree. Another disadvantage of moving around all overt the country from North to South ,East to West every two years is that my hair had become very weak and with split ends. I tried all kinds of concoctions to save my hair but nothing came to my rescue. I used to be terrified seeing hair on my pillow. Head wash meant choking the drain with hair. It was a terrible feeling to see  your beautiful brown strands stuck at the back of your white kurta. Uff!! bad very bad… It was actually so bad that I used to be reminded of my grandmother who had lost all her hair and was 90 % bald.  In fact I had given a serious thought to get my head shaven and carry that-” Ooh! so famous Parsis Khambatta” Look. LOL  

In fact I saw my life’s worst hair fall after my babies were born and thus thought of sharing with all the lovely mommies here my recipe for my special concoction to save those beautiful hair. It is simple and easy to make… ( Well this speaks volumes for my impatience for cumbersome beauty procedures.. please, No offence meant for those who love to pamper themselves… adore your patience dearies…. :)…)


It was September and like every year I had Invoked Lord Ganpati in my house. Every morning I used to pray using eleven red hibiscus flowers. I had thought of throwing all dried flowers on Ganpati Visarjan day, when a bright idea struck my little dumb brain. Why not use these dried flowers to make hair oil. I knew well that Hibiscus flower are excellent for hair health. And from there triggered my thought process.

Which other things are good for hair health and growth?

Along with hibiscus I realized Methi seeds also are good for hair.

Okay, I was glad I had two basic ingredients to save my mane. now the question was which oil should be used as the base…. immediately the sight of beautiful long, healthy and black hair of Bengali and all south Indian ladies was in front of my eyes, and the answer was loud and clear… base had to be of coconut oil.



So here is my list of Basic Ingredients

  • Coconut Oil, 250 ml
  • Dried Hibiscus flowers- one handful
  • Methi seeds powdered dry -2 tsp


  • In a wok / Kadhai pour 250 ml coconut oil and keep it for boil at lowest flame.
  • When oil is hot add dry flower and methi seeds powder.
  • Let the concoction boil on slow flame for about one hour. But ensure that oil should not turn black due to high flame.
  • After one hour of boiling keep it aside to cool down.
  • Once cool,  strain through tea strainer and fill in the empty bottles. I used one empty shampoo bottle…  



I made 1.5 litre of this oil more than two years ago and it is still fresh and good for my hair. I use it sparingly, only when I see my hair falling during change of seasons. It doesn’t get that stale smell easily and has good shelf life. This bottle and oil in the pic are two years old yet fresh.

Ps. If you wish to add Kadhi leaves, Neem leaves and Badam Rogan to this concoction, you can get double benefit.

How did you control your hair fall?


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