Homemade Healthy Frozen Summer Candy For Kids

Homemade Healthy Frozen Summer Candy For Kids


Ice cream, candies, frozen lollies are very popular among kids. That too the hot season of summer is an excuse for frequently enjoying frozen eateries.

But , health is a concern too.

I am sharing a quick homemade frozen candy/lolly for kids. It is super healthy too and gives energy.

You will need the below ingredients:

  • Milk – half cup
  • Sugar
  • Very tiny pieces of banana.
  • Vanilla syrup – 2 spoon.
  • Cardamom powder.
  • Thick paste of dates and almond blended together.



Method of preparation:

Take a bowl and add all the ingredients mentioned in the list above. Mix well.

Make sure the mixture is not too runny.

Add it to the desired containers and place lolly sticks in between before you put it into the freezer.

You can also add some in the ice tray and allow it to freeze.



When frozen, it will be a great flavored chilled cube. This is ideal to be added to a bowl of fruit salad.

The one with the lolly stick is of great interest for kids. Do give it a try and enjoy.



These frozen candies will suit grownups too.

There is no age limit for fun with ice cream!

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