Homemade Moisturising Lotion For Toddlers And Kids – Video

Home Made Moisturising Lotion For Toddlers And Kids

How are you doing mommies? The season is cold and harsh these days and it dries out the skin badly. Toddlers’ skin is a lot more sensitive than adults and many ready-made skincare products may not suit them.

Today I am sharing an easy recipe for making a moisturising lotion for your kid at home. It is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin. This lotion works well even on the skin that has redness and rashes. This home made lotion is suitable for every skin type. The lotion is safe and the ingredients are easily available in market. You can get them in medical stores as well.

The ingredients are-

Glycerin (200 g) – This is mild and non-toxic. It is suitable for super soft and sensitive skin. Glycerin is even excellent for allergic skin.

Rose Water (120 ml) – This is quite soothing and heels cracked skin.

Extra virgin olive oil (100 ml) – It is very hydrating and lightweight. This oil is non-sticky. You can adjust the quantity as per the type of your baby’s skin. Use less if your baby has oily skin.

You can buy olive oil from Flipkart.com here

Pour all the ingredients, one by one in an sterilized bottle. Shake well and your homemade moisturiser is ready.

If you want to use it in summers as well, just skip olive oil. Even though it is completely safe, I suggest doing a patch test and also consulting your baby’s doctor.

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