How Can I Get My Child To Drink More Water?

How can I get my child to drink more water?

How can I help my child to make a healthy habit of drinking water? Nowadays, this is very common problem and many parents are finding the solution to treat this. Water is very essential constituent to perform all the vital functions of the body but many children’s uses other drinks, juices, soda, beverages but, avoid drinking of water. Therefore today in this article we are telling you some important tips that are beneficial for your child to drink more water.

Water plays a significant role in child’s health such as it hydrates benefits to control the body temperature,urinary tract infections, and constipation. Water does not add any sugar or calories into the diet. Drinking more water is a very important health habit that provides good impact on their health.



Best tips to Get Kids to Drink More Water

Now, here we are giving some essential tips by which you can develop a good habit of drinking water. These are as follows;

Body of Water:

In certain studies it is observed that human body contain near about 60% of water. In children’s, the percentage is higher as babies’ physique is nearly 75% water and it losses with age. You have to calculate the 60% of their weight. Take a bucket and fill it with water such as to heavy as 60% of your child’s weight. Then to show your child how much water they actually are and how much they need.

Use a special cup:

This is also one of the best ways to drink water. Children’s love their toys and if you uses a special cup to drink water and he or she used to and love to drink water. You can also introduce a special straw to drink. If they get possession in the drinking water then this will better for them. The different colored bottles, cups with Sippy nipples, kid-friendly designs of animals, aliens etc. it works well.

Drooping Plant:

You have to show as well as explain your child that why water is essential for plants. Also tell them if a plant does not get water then the leaves fade. Also tell then a good quality of water that if we give water to that plant immediately grows. Body is like a plant and water is also needed to grow.

Give them their freedom:

Most of the children like independence to do work such as they drink water from glass, cup or a water bottle like a big person. Have a jug of water in the refrigerator and this will helpful for your child to get his own drink by himself. When you are buying then give a chance to your child to choose their own colorful thermos or bottles and maintain it only to drink water.

Limit the options:

Avoid keeping variety of water option in your refrigerator or in your home. We have milk, one type of juice watered down 1/3 juice, 2/3 water and water in our household at a time. Give one by one throughout the day and by mixing the juice 50/50 with water. If your kid finished their cup only after that he allowed getting the next beverage.

Water Bar:

For this you have to set a water bar with help of some constituents like lemons, mint, limes and rosemary. Let your kid to choose their own special combination to drink. This will help to encourage your child’s drinking.

To get your child to drink more water you can also do some things and they are as follows;

  • When your child leaves the house, give a bottle of water with them.
  • Effort for adding orange slices or a few icy cherries for additional flavor.
  • Make delicious ice cubes by icing juice in ice cube baking tray and add them to water.
  • You can also set a decent example and drink water yourself as an alternative of soda or juice.

So, these are the best steps that are useful for developing a habit of drinking more water. I hope you enjoy this article and find it very beneficial as well as informative. Follow and enjoy with your child!

How do you make you child drink more water?

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