How I Lost Weight After Baby PCOS

Hey Everyone!

I have been really worried about my weight since the time I conceived. Simple reason is the PCOS which keeps playing with my hormones and makes me feel as if I am going to stay overweight throughout my life :(.

I gained around 14kgs during my pregnancy, where maximum weight gain was in the last trimester when in one of the weeks, I ended up gaining almost 3-4 kgs. It was disheartening but I chose motherhood before anything else so I had to face it. When you are pregnant , every body tells you how glowing you look and compliment you every day. But the moment baby came out – those very people started telling me how fat I am. One of my aunts told me : “Your tummy was so big but your child is so thin then why you had to undergo c section?”. They don’t realise what we are going through . It is not easy to handle a new life with a baby and zillion other things and these weight issue just takes a toll on you.

Like you, even I thought that it won’t be possible for “ME” to do it but I have one quality. I never give up and because of which I kept trying . My biggest worry was my doctor’s words who told me that I will be back with PCOS if I don’t come to my ideal weight. I seriously don’t want to live my whole life on medicines so I was ready to do anything to lose weight.

Below are the things which I did and still didn’t lose weight –

  • I completely eliminated rice, parathas and most outside food from my diet. I occasionally used to have daal bati sold near my home which is dipped in ghee but nothing as such which will make me feel guilty.
  • I joined a fancy gym (gold gym) and took 20,000 INR membership.I tried going every day but with a baby, professional work and extreme cold I use to manage it only 3-4 times a week, although I wish to go atleast 5- days. My weight reduced by 1 kg their but we all know that initial weight loss is nothing great when starting in gym. Then in the gym, the trainer there started telling me how I need to take subscribe to personnel trainer to knock off all the weight otherwise I won’t be able to shed it off.
  • I tried hard to reduce roti/chapati/Indian flat bread from my dinner so to do that I included egg salad , soups and one chapati . Idea was to go low on the carbs but some how it was difficult and my weight was still intact.
  • We have a lady in the gym she is extremely fit and she suggested me to not to worry about weight loss and focus on the kid.As per her, she lost all the weight with in three years. I seriously couldn’t wait that long. I am not that patient in this regard. If not anything, I wanted to fit into my old clothes now what weight loss has taken place I want to reduce more though
  • I never missed my breakfast and had all the oil free things too.In the evening all those  fat free chats so that I am not famished at night.

Reading above really seems to be lot of effort.I did that with a baby and whole blog with its team to manage.

.I was there to checkout some more healthy recipe to reduce my weight but then checked out her personalised diet plan section.I thought and thought and then mailed her.Why I chose her diet plan? because as per dietcian Nishi grover 80% of weight loss takes place because of the diet we follow and rest 20% is with exercising.So I was going to the gym and what was lacking was a diet plan.

After following her diet plan I lost around 3.5 kgs in 7-8 days !

A little about her diet plan which made me lose weight :-

  • First thing is I was asked to have paratha :O .WOW! What else do  I need.Something which was a complete No No earlier. So my breakfast now consists of parathas, cheela and many other things which I never use to have before. Infact I start planning my breakfast a night before nowadays
  • When you have been struggling with your weight loss since ages and keep reading new things you will end up getting confused. This is what happened to me. She asked me to include paneer/Indian cheese, coconut etc in my diet plan which too I had removed from my diet. Infact coconut also..Tell me about it ..When you have gained weight every thing makes you put on more ..grrr.
  • Her diet plan is same which we all know.Increase protein and reduce carbs but the trick I think is to follow it blindly. Also some other tips like having  cumin seeds water was also awesome  which I had no clue about.
  • She lets you drink smoothies too but with a little bit of variation. Isn’t she fantastic ?
  • She takes daily update of your energy level so it’s not that i am feeling weak whole day around.


Sangeeta designed my diet plan as per my life style, my eating habits etc and what I like and don’t like. For instance, I don’t eat eggs at my parents’ place so I was worried thinking what I might have to eat in breakfast but she gave the paratha option

The funny thing was – Two days back I asked me papa whether our weight machine is right. He replied “Yes” and questioned me back why I was asking for it.I smiled because I couldn’t believe that I have been losing weight so easily

Following her diet plan was easy for me because I have been pretty strict on my self before. Moreover, I am breastfeeding my baby which she took into account that too which my mom was worried about. She thought that it’s going to affect the feeding but that too was completely normal.

With this its not that I had all the tasty stuff throughout the day.I have not been eating carbs at night and first two days it was bad but now it has become a habit.

So you want to see my before and after picture ? Not before I get a nice  dress for myself to flaunt it ..

More later ..As I still have 6 kgs  or may be more as I want to be really fit this time and go for a beach vacation and wear bikini tops.

Stay Blessed

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