How Often Do You Change Your Baby’s Feeding Bottles?


There are so many brands that provide excellent quality baby accessories. Feeding bottles are one of the easily available baby care accessories.

Though the purchase is of the best quality, it definitely needs checking and re-checking considering the health of your baby. It is mainly milk that is fed to your baby with these feeding bottles. And the slightest mistake in cleaning or maintaining hygiene can lead to infections and health problems to your baby.



Feeding bottles needs replacement. Some suggest that only nipples be re placed. But it is the call a mother/care taker of the baby needs to take up.

When should you replace the nipple of the feeding bottle?

A regular interval for changing nipple of the feeding bottle is a must; it is preferred to change once in 2/3 months.

If the color of the nipple begins to change, then it is time to discard the nipple. Hence it is preferred to buy a crystal clear nipple at the time of purchase. This will help in identifying the discoloration of the nipple.

Keep observing for cracks or tears during cleaning every time. A crack or a tear on the nipple is where the feeds will remain back and give environment for bacterial growth.

The size of the nipple varies from age to age of the baby. So, with growing age, replace the nipple size accordingly.

If the material of the nipple looks melting or sticky, then that is the sign of worn out nipple. It immediately needs replacement.

When should you replace feeding bottle?

Some mothers buy new bottles the way they buy new nipples. This is a good practice. But some do not opt to do so. In such case frequent inspection of the bottles is a must.

If the color of the bottle changes, then a replacement of the feeding bottles is a must.

Cracks and dents are a big no on the feeding bottles.

Even scratches indicate that the bottle needs to be replaced.

Some general thoughts about bottle caring and bottle feeding:

Do not put the bottles for heating in the micro wave. Not a convenient method.

Always wash bottles and nipples in warm liquid soap before sterilizing them.

Never share bottles and nipples with other babies. Always maintain separate feeding sets for each baby.

I have changed bottles in 6 months time. But nipple I changed every 2 months. What about you?


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