How Safe It Is To Give Brandy To Kids/ Toddlers

How Safe It Is To Give Brandy To Kids/ Toddlers

Cold and cough is a very common concern for mother of toddlers and they constantly seek advice from doctors and rely on some natural home remedies to treat the repeated invasions of cold and cough of their little ones.

Usually child special doctors don’t advice dosage of medicines to kids as the strong dose may adversely effect their liver and may induce problems in the later stages of life.

In common parlance many of you must have heard from your grandparents about giving Dr. Brandy to kids for severe cold & cough issues! Well, honestly speaking when i landed upon this notion the first thing that popped in my mind was that how can an alcoholic drink be given to a small child/toddler for treating cold & cough!

Dr. Brandy was quite popular to be given to kids/toddlers in diluted form to keep cold away and give relief to them from dry cough which usually tends to make respiration difficult for the baby. Since a toddler is very young they get too sensitive and don’t drink or eat properly due to this ailment which aggravates the issue. Dr Brandy is mainly and alcoholic preparation which was earlier advised to give to kids to keep them warm during chilling cold so that they don’t catch cold easily!

As times changed there have been studies carried out for the adverse effects of this alcoholic preparation being actually beneficial for the kids.

So here are some of the repercussions which I ended up with and this might be helpful for many mothers out there who get to hear such instances when Dr. Brandy was given to a child for treating these common health concerns.

For relief in cold

Nowadays it is just out of context to give any medicine or Dr. Brandy to kids without asking your family doctor or child specialist Doctor. If they advice you then only one should go ahead with these remedies as they know the case history of the child and is aware of the health related hazards more than anyone else.

For teething babies

It was another use of Dr. brandy to give a relief to teething babies as they felt ache in the gums and refused to eat or drink and behave cranky all the time. Well, nowadays there are various medicines available which are prescribed by child specialists to relive the pain, so why give an alcoholic drink to the child!

For a good night sleep

It was also common to give small quantities of diluted brandy for a peaceful night sleep to kids who use to have severe cough and cold as staying up all the night would worsen their situation! Well, honestly these could lead to serious issues as the child may be addicted to it and would find it hard to sleep on their own unless this liquid was not given to them! There are many other ways in which one an ensure that a toddler sleeps peacefully at night!

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Well, speaking about what is advised by doctors is considered safe for the kids and one should not believe in the generation old stories about any particular remedy to treat child illness. I hope you all do agree with these points!

What is your take on Dr. Brandy for kids/ toddlers?

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