How To Accept Your Post Delivery Body


 How To Accept Your Post Delivery Body


When I started writing this article, it took me back to my post-delivery days and I realized that I could have definitely handled the situation better. Any amount of knowledge, reading up, listening to people is not good enough to handle motherhood and the changes that come with it. Nothing and I can vouch for this nothing prepares you for it. You have to live it, experience it and enjoy it. With the enjoyment of course comes various setbacks, the most important one is your body not being yours anymore.

After having undergone drastic biological and hormonal changes, it is very difficult to feel normal again. And to top it your life also changes perhaps not to your liking initially. And it’s very normal to take your own time to adjust to this phase of Life. Let’s face it: Once a Mom Always a Mom! The Mother in you and your instincts to protect your child and put everything aside where your child is concerned never fade out. You could be a mom to a 30 year old and you still want to be fussing over your baby.



Your Body over the period of nine months of pregnancy has undergone severe changes and you may not feel all of them then, but slowly once you settle in a routine you will realize these changes. Some will be very hard to accept and deal with but mostly it has to do with your will power and the desire to get what you want. For a lot of Women especially the working ones, it’s hard to accept that they can’t get back easily to a regular job. They yearn for their independence. For almost all of us weight becomes our major concern. There are a few who are blessed with great genes and metabolism. But majority of us need to deal with weight gain and not so easy to shed of those kilos.



6 Things to keep in mind post-delivery:

  • Acceptance – You cannot look like your college days and you have to bravely face this fact of life. Your body has changed and the sooner you accept it the better it would be to feel good about yourself.
  • No Comparison – This really kills it. We all are different individuals with different gene pool and metabolic rate. All of us are blessed in different ways, what you have someone else doesn’t and vice versa. Appreciate Yourself.
  • Make a Routine – Try and chalk it down and stick to it. Even if it means a half an hour walk, don’t miss it. You will start enjoying everything you are doing if there is a routine attached to it.
  • Snap Out Of It – The first six to eight weeks are the hardest post-delivery. You will find it terribly hard to do even the simplest of chores. But that’s OK. Give yourself a breather, however will yourself also, to get back to your regular regime as soon as possible.
  • Wardrobe Change – Those Pre Pregnancy clothes start looking alien once you have delivered. Assess yourself and then your closet. Make some important changes in your wardrobe. Buy some clothes that are flattering the current shape of your body.
  • Be You – The fact that you have put on weight should not change the person that you are. Try and see the bigger picture. Your actions and goodness should speak more than your figure.

 What more do you have to add to this information?


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