How To Bathe A Newborn Baby


Giving bath to your new born is always special and increases your attachment with the baby though your baby might not like is initially.  Some babies enjoy warm water bath other may take some time to get accustomed to. Generally it is advisable to use luke warm water to give bath to your new born.

At what time I should give bath to my new born

The best time is day time when weather is worm and you are not expecting any interruption in between. It’s best if your baby is fully awake and make sure you do not change the bath time of your baby very often after couples of days your baby will get accustom to daily bath and will enjoy.


  • Always use products made for babies
  • Always keep one hand on your baby
  • While changing if possible use safety strap        
  • Advisable to take help while giving bath to your baby


  • If possible do not use bath tub ( I mean the adult ones)
  • Do not leave your baby alone
  • Do not apply soap directly on your babies face
  • Do not use cold water

How to give your baby a clean bath

  • Make  sure the place is warm and less airy
  • Keep all necessary bath materials like soap, water, towel , clothes etc are kept at one place
  • Check the warmth of the water and slowly pour some water on your baby below the neck only
  • Use mild soap  do not apply soap directly on your baby’s head or face
  • Once you have clearly washed you baby below neck apply very mild soap on you babies head and face make sure neither water nor soap gets into your babies eyes
  • Rinse your baby properly and wipe it with a clean towel hold your baby carefully as they are more likely to slip when they get wet
  • Rap your baby well and pat her/him dry well apply baby moisturizer and telecom powder on his/her neck  than dipper and dress him/her well

Product recommended


Most of us believe that Jhonson and Jhonson products are safest but they unfortunately are not.Pediatrician don’t recommend Jhonson products at all .

Some of the  safe products for new born as are follows:-

Sebamed Baby cleansing bar is pH 5.5 and is alkali free.It’s won’t dry out baby skin and will keep soft and supple.It cost 265 and is available on

Mothercare all we know baby oil  –  contains olive oil and chamomile extract.Combination helps in keeping your baby skin soft and chamomile extract relaxes the baby .It really relax the baby and is not too heavy on the skin.It cost INR 279 and can be bought from  here

One should not use talcum powder on babies.You can use detail post done by Anamika here .Talcum powder can create breathing problem in babies  which can harm them.For better health of your child use liquid talc which is available  here

 Always remember your baby can be sensitive than your imagination pay special attention to his/her need and use products that suites her/him the best though baby products are chemical free but if you notice any side effect consult a child specialist always remember that lovely smile on your babies face is worth everything.

 Do you have tips to bath a new born ?

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