How To Build Self Esteem In Your Toddler

How To Build Self Esteem In Your Toddler


How to Ensure that your child is confident and has high Self Esteem! Seems like too much for a little toddler right?? However, it is a very crucial aspect that needs to be addressed right from the word go.

They need to be constantly assured and re assured of themselves. As early as little infants they start experiencing feelings of love, approval, dislike and even looked down upon. We cannot imagine how perceptive they are. So we must at all occasions try and be patient, appreciative of their efforts and reprimand as well if necessary, however the manner in which we do should not hurt their self-worth and confidence. We can safely say that massaging their ego in a nice way is the building base for their foundation in the years to come.



Letting your child know of their positive traits more often than not brings them happiness like nothing else. Give praise when its due, talk gently and lovingly, encourage them whenever you can, these little gestures go a long way to help boost your child’s self – image and hones them into fine human beings.

Since they want to follow in our footsteps and hold on to what we say very dearly, always remember to choose your words wisely. Even if you need to criticise their actions do it constructively. Let them not come back in the years to come and say, since this is what you thought of me, that’s how I have become. It would be a blow of a lifetime for any parent and nothing would change it.

Some Points that can be used effectively in build your child’s self – esteem:-

  • I am My Own Person – Treat them as fine individuals and that is what they will become. They ought to know they are special and mean the world to us in every aspect.
  • Self-Dependence – They want to do things themselves, let them. Teach them the correct method but also don’t stop them from exploring, lest they become reliant on others forever.
  • Think Before You Act – They are like little monkeys who would imitate every single action of yours. If you are upset, choose your words and actions sensibly, you don’t want them to copy and learn the same.
  • Time and Attention – Do whatever you do with all your heart and focus. Show your precious one that he/she is extremely important and they get your undivided time and attention.
  • Respect – They need to be treated as you expect them to treat you. With Due Respect, if you want them to say thank you or please do the same and as often as possible.
  • Compliment Adequately – Catch them doing good deeds and give ample praise. Shower them with compliments so they realize that doing good things is great and brings lot of joy.



The more good qualities we teach them and the earlier we start the longer it will stay with them and they would understand the necessity and importance of it. How they feel about themselves will surely reflect on their actions. If they are happy and confident they will project the same to the world. They should feel adequate love and confidence to manifest the same in their overall growth and personality.

Share Your Thoughts on how you worked on building Self Esteem in your kid.

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