How To Choose Appropriate Movies For Toddlers

By Rhea

How To Choose Appropriate Movies For Toddlers

It is not a child’s play to decide the type and kind of movies that are fine for the toddlers to watch. We have to pay attention to each and every aspect of the movie before we could permit them to watch it. Children from the age of 3 years to 18 years require strict supervision and they should not be exposed to any content which is not suited to their age.

One has to have the maximum restrictions at the age of 3 and then one could gradually release some of the restrictions as and when they imbibe. Like, for example you cannot expect a child to watch animated videos only at the age of 8 years and above.

Even when the kids are quite young, like only 2-3 years old, they are quite easily attracted by the colors of the movies that play. Actually that is the basic beginning for them to start recognizing characters and to react to them. So while choosing the movies that are appropriate for them, one must ensure the following.

Beginning with content, we need to ensure that the videos are far off from obscenity, violence and foul language. Even the cartoons they watch need to monitored to prevent any kind of wrong preach reaching the children at this tender age.

The sounds in the movie should be pleasant. We often see children getting disturbed or scared of high volume digital sound as played in theaters and movies which scares the kids. Even 3-4 year old kids are being taken to multiplexes which exposes their hearing power to high voltage sound systems which not only scare them they also cause much harm to them. The sounds of heavy machineries, guns, equipment playing in the movies is thus also not very good for the children at this age.

We should take the movie ratings into strict consideration while going for a movie. A movie not suitable for someone less than 18 years should not be shown to kids. It should be a strict practice as the adult content of such movies or may be violent streaks could leave permanent impression on your child’s brain. He may imbibe those values which are not meant to be learned at all.

The movies with foul languages should also be avoided as at this age children tend to record everything and they learn it all so quickly that it is difficult to remove this off their system permanently.

The content that is advisable in a movie you choose is not that difficult to decide on. At this tender age, you would expect your child to take hold of his own thinking and develop as a stable child.

For this, we must ensure that the movies have:

Imaginative content – This ensures a child’s development to have his own viewpoint and understanding

Creativity – Movies should be able to evoke creativity amongst kids than to permanently erode it through violent and foul content.

Positivity – The content should be able to develop positive thinking amongst kids. It should be able to help them take the world into a positive light of hope and imagination.

Social Message– Of course, the content of the movies should be able to give a social message that should stay with them throughout their lives.

With children, one has to be sure about a lot of things. It is easy to mold them to any shape at this age but once they are a little grown up and have their own view point on everything, it is difficult to convince them about good and bad. Therefore, it would be better to have them imbibe the sense of right and wrong at this age.

Which type of movies do you find appropriate for toddlers?

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