How To Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby

How To Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby


How often do you need to change your baby’s diaper? Is the diaper of good quality? Will it leak after a few hours or does it have good absorbent quality? Cloth ones or disposable? These and similar questions keep crossing a new mom’s mind frequently. Babies are delicate and their skin is tender and needs a lot of care and nurturing. Making them wear  a good brand diaper and regularly changing it is the most basic care you can take of your baby.



All babies are different so naturally so are there needs as well as their requirements. Some babies have extremely sensitive skin so their diaper usage needs to be less, for other babies can carry on wearing diapers for longer hours. However, in all circumstances some points need to be kept in mind while making your baby accustomed to a diaper.

  • Kind of Diaper – Choosing the right kind of diaper whether cloth or disposable is also a big choice that you have to make. While cloth diapers are good they are also very tedious and lot of work. Also, hygiene can be a cause of concern if not washed properly. On the other hand, disposable are great as you can use and throw.
  • Diaper Rash – Exercise a lot of caution to ensure that your baby doesn’t get a diaper rash. A diaper rash is caused due to friction between the baby’s tender skin and the diaper. This would mean changing the diapers frequently and if they are soiled change immediately. A baby can get a severe rash if left in a dirty diaper.
  • Diaper Rash Cream – A diaper rash is not a major problem and if treated on time it will not make the baby uncomfortable for long. Using creams with zinc oxide content are advisable although there shouldn’t be too much dependability on them. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before applying on your baby.
  • Ill – fitting diaper – A tight diaper or one which is a not your baby’s size is a big No. Don’t make your child suffer for your ignorance. Make sure you check the diaper size and it fits snugly on your baby.
  • Keep a Check – One odd diaper rash once in a while is acceptable. However, if the frequency goes up, then there is a cause to worry. Try and change the brand of your baby’s diaper. Also, keeping the baby’s diaper area dry helps. Wet and moist may also cause irritation to the baby’s soft skin.



A baby is under your love and care. Be attentive at all times to their needs and pay attention if they are showing signs of irritability or in discomfort. Know what kind of different diaper rashes can occur and if they are mild or severe. Though diaper rashes are common and can be controlled very easily, yet they can be avoided too. If good standards of health and hygiene are maintained they need not suffer from it.

What kind of diapers do you use for your little baby? Are you comfortable with disposable ones.

Share your brand and story with us. We would love to hear from you.

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