How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby

How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby


How safe or harmful are the Plastic Toys that your baby plays with? There is some news or the other about the harmful effects of plastic and to think that our precious little ones actually put them in their mouth. Very depressing. When my baby was an infant we did a lot of research on what grade of plastic is good and what isn’t. Some chemicals like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are extremely dangerous and and they can be absorbed from some baby toys like teethers or even leak in the baby’s formula through the plastic bottles. That’s a dangerous health hazard and your baby is prone to high risk of ailments which affect the vital organs like the liver. Some studies even link these plastics to causing cancer. You definitely want to keep your baby safe from all this.



4 ways to ensure your baby’s toys are safe:-

  • Try and shop at stores that do not advocate the use of low grade plastic. There are a lot of stores where it is against the company policy to sell inferior quality plastic toys. They have a certain standard to maintain and they wouldn’t like to compromise on that for fear of losing their brand image.
  • Keep Toys Clean – Ensure you regularly wash your baby’s toys with good anti-bacterial liquids. As they grow older even plain water is good enough. This prevents from dirt settling in and causing infections.
  • Wooden Toys – Choose good quality wooden or cloth toys. They are a safer option and as much fun and interesting. There are a lot of stores that also offer toys made off natural fabrics and materials. These toys make for great learning and creativity.
  • No to Shiny Plastic – We are not always fully aware what goes in the making of these toys and a lot of times it leaves colour on hands after playing or if it gets wet. This is extremely harmful to your baby’s skin and health. Opt for dull or less brightly coloured toys.



The Choice is yours. What according to you is safe and unsafe for your child? Toys and games form an integral part of a baby’s world especially in the formative years. Act wisely and make the best decisions for them. You could try and explore your creativity as well. Buy good quality material and DIY involving your little one. Not just for the fun and activity part but you can be rest assured that the toy is safe and you can let your baby play without any worry or concern. Babies can be pleased with anything and everything. Whatever you give them they will play with it, well at least till their attention span lasts. During their infancy they are extremely curious and in the exploring phase. Everything has to go in their mouth and they at times start enjoying it. Do think about what kinds of unhealthy and dangerous stuff they are inhaling as well as trying to taste.

There is a strong need for awareness about the dangerous effects of plastic in our whole environment as a whole. There are a lot of organizations that advocate the need to Go Green and aide in the use of non – toxic materials.

Share your thoughts on what kinds of toys do you buy for your children.


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