How To Clean Baby Tongue|Candid Mouth Paint

I still remember the day I went to the pediatrician for my baby’s first vaccination. I was so tensed of a long needle being pierced on such a tiny body. :-(. Damn………..why can’t all vaccines be oral?

Ok, this article is not about vaccines. :-). But something that caught my pediatrician’s attention on that day.

After he pierced my baby, she was wailing on top of her voice with her mouth wide open. She was just 10 days then.

The doc asked ‘Since when is her tongue got that white residues? ’

I said ‘Yesterday’.

And he wrote on a piece of paper ‘Candid Mouth Paint’. I have known Candid lotion for finger nails of adults for over years. Wow…there is something for an infant’s mouth too.

Candid Mouth Paint is something that is very effective in cleaning a baby’s tongue. Infants find it difficult to swallow breast milk  with residues in their tongue.

(I am not sure if it was just milk residue or thrush in my baby. I did not know about thrush then and did not ask for any details. Thrush is a kind of infection that causes white curd like patches  on the tongue and mouth of the baby.)

How to use Candid Mouth Paint?

Take a soft baby q – tip. The Candid Mouth Paint bottle has a thin nozzle which oozes out the thick liquid drop by drop when the bottle is tilted. Wet the q – tip with this mouth paint and slowly apply on the tongue of the new born baby.

It is swallow-able.

Tongue cleaning in older babies.

For babies over 4 months, tongue cleaning can be done with a soft cotton cloth or handkerchief. Wrap this cloth around your index finger and rub the babies tongue carefully. Do not push our finger too much inside the mouth. The residues easily get stuck to the cloth.

Instead of cloth, a sterile gauge can also be used to wrap around your fingers.

There are so many brands that provide silicon brush for baby’s oral care. These silicon baby brush usually have short soft bristle like structures. Insert this baby brush in to your index finger and clean the baby’s tongue.

This is one hygiene aspect we have to take care of.

For new born infants (babies within 2 months), consult you pediatrician for verification of residue or thrush on the tongue. Immediate medication is required for thrush.

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