How To Comfort Babies & Toddlers

The Art Of Comforting


All us Moms would have said this – “Come here baby, let me give it a kiss and make it better”!! The Art of Comforting or Soothing comes naturally to women perhaps even to the age old cave women. It’s almost an instinctive reaction to any problem that befalls our children. A bumped lip, a bruised knee, a cut on the finger all these and more falls into comfort category. Mothers have always known and now off late the new age Fathers also provide the comfort of soothing the “hurt” with the occasional kiss and hug.



Giving Comfort to little Toddlers is as important as ensuring adequate nourishment for them. It is an essential aspect of Parenting and for the child to thrive and grow substantial amounts of comforting and putting the child at ease is required. Our actions like a quick peck on the cheek, a warm tight hug or wiping off a tear are so magical that the few minutes ago bawling toddler is up and about and back to mischief. These methods of comfort would suffice only till your baby is a toddler and not grown up to understand the nuances of life. As your little one encounters puberty or adolescence it gets trickier to comfort them. Of course, the love of a parent never changes however the art of addressing different situations has to change.

Add Power to your Comfort

Be very aware of your manner of comforting the child. Be Strong when under duress you tell your child, “It’s going to be All Right”. You too should believe that. Any doubts in your eyes or your words can impact the child. As they grow up they tend to take with them their memories of childhood. They would expect the same kind of reassurance and calmness that you shared when they were younger and the problems were not of the same magnitude.

Don’t Over React

As much as you feel that if something happens to your baby your world will fall apart, you cannot show it, at least in front of your child. Brave it out and comfort in a reassuring manner. Always remember nothing scares a baby more than his own protector that is a parent being alarmed. It is a choice you can make, either you transmit fear or calm and a sense of comfort to your child.

Don’t Under React

This is tricky. The idea is to not make a mountain of a molehill yet to make sure you comfort your toddler enough so as to not make them feel isolated and ignored. When they are younger especially, they are vulnerable and hurt easily both physically and emotionally. Let them at no point feel that their hurt is not of consequence.  Ensure that their problem is addressed, they are comforted enough and their feelings would always matter.

Listen First and then Soothe

Children like adults are also little Humans and far more intelligent and introspective than we give them credit for. Many a times all they are looking out is for someone mainly a parent to listen. Growing up isn’t easy and anything and everything can pose as a challenge. What might be small and irrelevant to most, might be a do or die situation for your child. So be patient and be there for them. Lend a shoulder to cry also if necessary but never ridicule or be hasty in writing off your child’s dilemma.

Blame Game never Helps

Assigning blame to your child, isn’t the most sensible thing to do. Instead, think of positive reinforcement to get the point across. It’s pretty tough however if you blame them, it often leads to stubbornness and lack of interest.

Don’t Try to make Everything Better

You are not God and it Is impossible to do everything right for your child. If something goes wrong, they should realize why and how it did and what measures to take so that the next time around it Is not repeated.

Most importantly, all kids are different and unique in their own right so it is best to use your own practicality and motherly instinct while dealing with them. You can never go wrong!

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