How To Cope With Long Distance Pregnancy


How To Cope with Long Distance Pregnancy


Long distance pregnancy. Yup! Long distance pregnancy, that’s what we are going to deal with today. It’s really difficult to manage yourself when your other half is away during the most crucial time of your life. Ask any Army man’s wife about this and you are sure to strike a long conversation. Or many other women, like myself, who have been away from their husband while they were pregnant.

It doesn’t matter whether you are being pampered at your parent’s home or managing your pregnancy all by yourself, being far apart during pregnancy is equally bad and distressing. But, thanks to the modern technologies in our life, things are much better and it’s much easier to stay connected even though your soul mate is miles apart. Read further to find out how you can maintain your sanity despite this unavoidable situation.

You might have made hundreds of plans about what you both would do when you get pregnant, but unfortunately someone above there is a much better planner than all of us. So, what do you do when you want to share that moment, “when your baby kicked you for the first time or you are doubting your decision to be pregnant” with your hubby.



Sometimes you may also notice that your other half is not that connected to the baby like you are. He is no doubt excited about being a dad but doesn’t seem to understand much of what is going through your mind and your body. He is bound to miss out on a lot while deployed thousand of miles away from you.

Here are some tips that would help you both get through your long distance pregnancy

  • Download a pregnancy app for yourself as well as your partner. Make sure that you both have the same app so he too can stay updated on what’s happening with you.
  • You can also send pictures of your growing belly each week or month to show him the changes.
  • Pictures are going to be really helpful in connecting you in a much better way so take lot of pictures and share them with your spouse.
  • Even though your husband is not there physically to get you a box of chocolate cookies that you are craving for he might just as well surprise you with a box of cookies delivered to your address. Remember the world’s too small if you have the power of Internet in your hand. So, even though it seems useless to let your husband know of your cravings, it’s actually quite fun and exciting.
  • When you are out to shop for your baby, Skype him or what’s app him, use whichever app you want to get him involved in the purchase. Ask his opinions; let him choose a few things for his baby on the way. It would also allow him to stay connected to his baby.



  • Send him pictures of what you are eating, even if it’s somewhere in the middle of the night. Or the books you have been reading. It would help you both bridge the gap and this way your hubby wouldn’t miss out on all those crazy things happening in your life.



  • If you love writing then share a private blog with your partner. It would also be a wonderful memento of your pregnancy and someday you can even let your baby read it.
  • Record your baby’s heartbeat and ultrasound sittings to share with your husband. Request the technician or the assistant to record it for you if you are going alone. Watching the ultrasound or listening to the baby’s heartbeat would make it even more real for him.
  • Lastly, remember to communicate. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to Skype him or send him regular emails. Share with him even the frivolous matters. The key is to let him experience everything that he would have if he had been there with you.

Have you faced these kind of situations?

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