How To Deal With Bloating Stomach During Early Pregnancy?

How To Deal With Bloating Stomach During Early Pregnancy?

So one of my close friend is expecting and she is due in December first week itself. While talking to her the other day she told me about how uneasy it gets sometimes when she feels like too heavy inside and bloated very much that there is no wish to eat anything. Well, I thought this is quit e common concern and my sister in law too experienced severe bloating and acidity issues when she was expecting.

So here are some things which need to be taken care of if there is constant bloating during the early months of pregnancy.

Causes of Bloating-

Usually bloating is mainly caused by the activity of the female hormone progesterone which is largely responsible for a female getting pregnant. It tends to relax the smooth muscle tissues in the whole body and this relaxation tends to effect the normal metabolism and digestive activities slow down eventually which lead to gas and bloating during the early weeks of pregnancy. As the body advances for more pregnancy related changes the issue persists and continues to be for until the last months of pregnancy.

Women feel like constantly heavy and bloated as if they ate too much food in a go! This gives rise to a discomfort feeling and uneasiness all the while. One can surely do certain things to avoid such type of digestive problems for a pleasant experience during pregnancy.

Ways to deal with Bloating During Pregnancy-

Plenty of Water-

Water tends to solve many health issues in an easy way and similarly in this case drinking ample amount of water and other fluids will save you from feeling full or bloated. Water tends to flush out the waste toxic materials from the body and keep the body clean and hydrated so make sure you opt for this when you feel too bloated during the early months.

Include more Fiber-

Add whole grains and fiber rich food in your daily diet as it will give a lot of bulk to the food and will ensure easy and quicker digestion so that there are lesser chances of your tummy being bloated with unusual amount of gas!

Eat Frequently in small proportions-

It is not a good idea to take only 3-4 meals during pregnancy but one should eat more frequently and in small portions so as to avoid eating a lot of food in one go and then feel heavy and full for the rest of the day.

Chew Food Properly-

It is always advised to chew the food thoroughly to ensure proper digestion from the oral passage itself.

Avoid Legumes & Carbs-

Certain leguminous food items cause heavy bloating or produce gas in the stomach which leads to uneasiness and discomfort. Cut down the intake of cabbage, sugary products, fried dishes, too much oily dishes and you stick to eating the basic nutritious food along with fruits and fresh vegetables.

Well, this was all I shared with my friend to avoid bloating. I am hoping she controls on most of these things and make her days comfortable.

Have you tried these remedies to avoid stomach bloating?

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