How To Deal With Junk Food Love in Kids/Toddlers

How To Deal With Kids/Toddlers Who Love Junk Food


Fast Food has taken over the world by a Storm, so why should our little Toddlers be spared the Goodness albeit Badness of it??? Fast Food chains are catering to our most basic needs and satisfying our hunger pangs. We are of course mortals who just succumb each time to those pangs to satiate our needs. Our little Toddlers but naturally learn from us. It is a treat to observe them enjoy the Greasy French Fries or the Ice Lollies, a full chocolate bar and their cute faces smeared with chocolate all over. You name it and they will polish it off in no time. Of course if you have a Square meal comprising of Lentils and Vegetables etc. it is a different story altogether. The occasional junk meal is a comforter to one and all. When your toddler gleefully bites into Mac Donald’s Happy Meal Burger you cannot help but smiling. On a lighter note, you can kick your heels and relax since you don’t have to painstakingly cook a meal and then try and shove it down your little one’s throat..



But don’t fret over the Healthy vs Junk Battle so much. You have a lot on your mind with regards to your child’s growth and development. An occasional indulgence every now and then is good for you as well as your child. But you have to ensure that it cannot be a regular feature and you have to adhere to it strictly.

  • Plan a Cheat Day – Ensure that your toddler is aware that he is getting to enjoy a junk meal. Planning it in advance and making your child look forward to it is good but also do not make a habit out of it because then your child will form a wrong impression.
  • Nutritious Side of Junk – More and more food chains are adopting this concept. Be it in the form of boiled veggies on the side or wholesome wheat breads, you have a choice of adding healthy variants to the junk meal.
  • Do Not Reward with Junk – This is an absolute NO as you are increasing your child’s dependency on junk rather than lowering it. Keep this aspect aside and treat the child to his/her favourite meal subject to no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Guilt Free Satisfaction – When you have decided to treat your child, let it be just that. Saying yes to one and no to another won’t help. The ideal thing would be to decide before hand the extent of eating junk food.
  • Be Firm – Don’t make false claims. If you have decided on No Junk till the meal is over or for whatever reason, go ahead and stick to it. If you waver even once, these smart kiddos will know how to take advantage of it.

The Debate between healthy and unhealthy foods is ancient and it will definitely continue in the years to come. There are no hard and fast rules and what works for one kid may not for the other. As long as your child’s health is your primary focus and you can balance his diet it is actually great to feed them comfort foods.The idea is to keep it in moderation, let your child chill and enjoy that odd junk meal every now and then.

How do you deal with junk food love in babies?



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