How To Deal Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

How To Deal Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

Do you want to break your child’s sugar habit? How do you benefit your child to eat a less sugar? This is very natural if your child prefers sweet tastes because breast milk covers milk sugars and anything sweet is the first flavors that your baby is familiar with it. Most of the parents are trying to figure out the sugar habit. Hence, today in this article we are giving you some tips that are very helpful for you to deal with your child’s sweet tooth.

If your child eats sweets then it is a bad habit because variety of diet is essential for every kid to get the good amount of nutrients. You can give your child a sweet treat on a special occasion but not every day. It is very essential to moderate this because if your child grows then it becomes very hard for you to stop this bad habit. Therefore, it is very significant to involve a variation of tastes in your child’s diet so that he acquires to like a diversity of foods.

Serving sizes of sweet to young child:

  • A mini candy bar or a small fun-sized chocolate bar.
  • A small portion ice cream.
  • Fruit slices with one or two small cookies.

Tips to deal with child’s sugar habit:

Now here we are some beneficial tips to deal with your child’s sweet tooth and control their additional sugar consumption.

Healthy drinking habits:

Remember one thing that habits grow at a young age. Thus, avoid giving soda or other sweetened beverages at home to your child but you can give water, nutrient-rich beverages, and low fat milk instead this.

Pattern for small plates and dishes for desserts:

This is also one of the best ways to deal with this sweet tooth. Always use small plates for dessert because a small volume of ice cream in a large bowl may sense insufficient than the same quantity served in a small dish. When you give dessert to your child then always deal a set portion. Avoid allowing kids eat sweets out of vessels or packages. Inspire them to eat slowly and enjoy them.

Make sweeter diets:

Try to select those foods that contains low amount of sugar such as hot cereals, yogurts and other foods and prepare them into sweeten foods. You can also mix honey, maple syrup, or fresh or dried unsweetened dried fruits with pure low fat or nonfat yogurt. Use of cinnamon or brown sugar is also very helpful.

Cut the sugar when you make dessert:

When you are preparing dessert at home then always use less amount of sugar. The desserts such as homemade applesauce or apple or berry homemade ice cream, crisp, or sorbet by means of only a small amount of extra sugar. Otherwise, you can also provide chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content to your kids.

Deal with nourishing snacks:

It is very essential for you to full your cupboards with healthy appetizers and avoid the sugary nutrient-poor snacks. You can offer a good snack like, fruit leathers, fruit with plain yogurt, whole grain crackers with natural peanut butter, nuts, high fiber, whole grain tortilla chips, , natural peanut butter, whole grain crackers, apple slices natural peanut butter, low sugar cereal and vegetables with hummus.

Nutritional Substitutes to Sweets:

  • Smoothies made with real fruit juice, milk or yogurt, and fruit.
  • Rice cakes, spread with cream cheese and a little jam.
  • Cinnamon toast – spread toasted bread lightly with butter or margarine, scatter with cinnamon and a dash of sugar.
  • Fresh or dried fruits such as apricots, apples or pears (dried fruit should always be given at meal times otherwise it may cause tooth decay)

Hence, these are some effective tips that may be helpful to break your child’s sweet eating habit. I hope you find this article very interesting as well as beneficial.

How do you deal with your child’s sweet tooth?

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