How To Decide Your Baby’s Name

How To Decide Your Baby’s Name


The most common concern for new age to be Parents. Even Google is being hounded by the number of Searches it gets everyday rather every minute because every 3 minutes a baby is being born. Now, we all don’t know if that is true but the fact remains that a baby’s name is of national concern especially to the parents and the near and dear ones.

Even before the little one is born, all brains get in motion. It’s a to do task on the hubby’s list who perhaps has millions of other things on his mind as soon as he realizes he is going to be a father. The Glowing pampered Mom to be makes it a point to start jotting down baby girl or boy names.



As we live in an extremely conscious and people centric society, naturally our first priority is that the baby’s name should be the best name ever. It should be cool, different and most definitely unique. It should not be too long as then it is difficult to pronounce and too many nick names can be made out of it. Let it not be too short else the meaning may get lost. It should be different, never heard of before,but not so different that it would draw unwarranted attention. Siggghh Someone please go tell the parents, if it’s never heard of, how do we tell them about it???

Jokes aside, finding the Right name for your baby shouldn’t be made out into a herculean task, rather the approach should be pragmatic and easy. Of course, it has to stay with the baby for life so it is also important to ponder over a bit before taking a final call.

Some General Points that can be kept in mind while deciding on the Baby’s Name:-

  • It could be a healthy mix of both the mothers and father’s name, eg the first two letters could be incorporated.
  • One could reverse either of the parents name. Ensure that it doesn’t sound like a nick name or a double meaning one. The World can be quite cruel when it comes to bullying and poking fun especially at the cost of ones name because you just can’t avoid it.
  • You could search different languages and dig out meaningful names, Sanskrit, Gallic etc  languages are extremely popular and sought after world-wide for this reason.
  • How it sounds to the ear is also extremely essential. Many a times we come across a word which really has no substantial meaning yet sounds very pleasing.
  • Asking friends and relatives for options should always be welcome. Now, they may have their own thought process while deciding a name for your precious angel, and however warped the outcome could be take it with a pinch of salt. Just remember to say Thanks but No Thanks.
  • Traditional and Ethnic names with a modern twist are also catching up and sound really cool and ratify today’s Gen Next kid’s personalities.
  • Both parents should be in agreement with the final outcome. It would help if you talk about it and discuss what should be the broad criteria for choosing the name. Once that is established both the parents should make separate lists and try and compare them. It would be great to compare notes and the outcome would be perfect just what you would want for your baby.

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