How To Develop Creativity In Kids:Funskool Play Doh Gift Set Review

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I am here again with a review of a Clay gift set which my niece loves to play with and finds really exciting when she is in a creative mode! Yeah…I mean I have seen kids going too far…! My niece starts drawing something and goes on and on for many pages and then she is restless and the next day you ask her to draw anything she would seem the least interested and we are like “Whats the problem yesterday you were drawing as if there is no tomorrow!!”

Well, these are usual tales you may come around at every home with a toddler. Coming back to the review, This is an innovative gift set for kids between 3-6 years of age for those parents wish to explore the creative side of their little ones. Lets see what the brand says about this innovative clay set-

About Funskool Play Doh Gift Set Review-

  • 5 Tubs Of Play-Doh
  • 13 Different Cutters
  • Mini Doh-Extruder – Create Shapes
  • Crinkler-to-Cut Designs and Textured Patterns
  • Includes Over 13 Accessories

Bring a smile to your little ones’ expression and see them happy with Funskool Play- Doh Gift Set that incorporates creativity by offering a platform for moulding and cutting like never before.

13 different cutters
Equipped with 13 different cutters, the kit lets your children’s imagination widen by several degrees.

Crinkler – to cut designs and textured patterns
Besides the cutters, the crinkler is provided to give form to designs and textured patterns.

Mini Doh-extruder – create shapes
An extruder helps children to squeeze out their desired shapes that adds to the fun.

5 tubs of Play-doh
Five tubs of malleable, ductile play-doh is provided in the kit.

Includes over 13 accessories
Besides the vital components, 13 other accessories are provided for pure, unadulterated fun.

Price- INR 275. You may get it at discount from flipkart here.

Key Features-

  • 13 Accessories
  • Enhance Imagination
  • 3 – 6 Years
  • 13 Different Cutters

My Experience with Funskool Play Doh Gift Set-

So far I have seen my niece, she seems quite interested in this clay toy set and seems to enjoy making shapes as per her imagination and understanding according to an age of three year old kid.

When I asked her to show me what all she can make from these, she seems to be quite excited and drafts the shapes of flowers & butterflies or stars although she is not very sure about what the thing is that she made. The gift set is really user friendly and with he instructions one can easily allow their kids to draw & mould whatever they wish to make with their imagination. O course you can later make then understand what shape or size they made like butterflies, ducks, stars and in this way they learn to identify what objects are these and will eventually get better.

The product is clay which is recyclable and can be used over and over again which makes it really useful for kids as they happen to learn over a period of time and after practicing so many times.

The gift set is suitable for kids above 3years as they are able to understand what not to eat. All the accessories provided in this gift set is child friendly and is not at all pointed for child’s hands or finger.

I really think these kind of toys enhance creative minds to experiment a lot with their abilities. I asked my niece to make anything of her choice for me and she made a butterfly for me as sown in the pic below! Kidsss, as we all know are so thoughtful that they have a whole different level of ideologies!! :-p.

Their is a scenery which she along with her elder sister made with mutual peace & zero conflicts! *cougghh*

What I like about Funskool Play Doh Gift Set?-

  • Recyclable and minimum wastage
  • Enhances creative thought process in kids
  • Harmless to play with
  • Economically priced
  • Perfect for gifts
  • User friendly

What I don’t like about Funskool Play Doh Gift Set?-

Quantity of clay could have been a little more :-p

Product Rating-


Will I recommend- Yes I will really like to extend a strong recommendation so as to get acquainted with your kid’s creative self and whether this type of activity  seems interesting to them or not!

P.S. I kept the butterfly for a while and when she slept I moulded it back into the clay jar for more unusual gifts from her!

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