How To Develop Your Child’s Bond With Books


How To Develop Your Child’s Bond With Books


Does your child prefer to play video games or watch cartoons instead of reading a book? Do you really want that your child should have his or her own collection of books and be passionate about reading? Many parents feel angry when they find that their child is hardly interested in reading books but most of them do not know how to inculcate the habit of reading in their child. Most of the parents give up instead of trying developing the habit of reading in their child. Making your child read and to develop his love for books is not an easy task but neither is it an impossible feat. It requires some patience and effort on the part of the parents, but once your child develops the love for books, it will remain forever.



So how can you make your child love books?

Start reading from an early age

The best strategy is to start reading out stories to your child from an early age, when he is an infant. Even though he might not understand the words and story, it will put him in the habit of listening to a story. Bedtime is the best time to read out a story which helps your child relax but it can be done at anytime throughout the day. However if you have time and inclination you can read to your child more than once every day, maybe after breakfast or before lunch. Reading with your child will not only help in making your child love reading but will also help in strengthening your bond with your child.

Make it interesting

Reading out loud to your kid is the first step towards making them love books but it is a tough job to hold the interest of the ever curious kids. Make sure that when you read, you use different voices, change tones, pace, etc. to make that story sound really interesting. Using some facial expressions and voice modulations to represent various emotions will certainly work in your favor.

Focus on their field of interest

Every child is different and hence their topics of interest might be widely varying. It is a general perception that kids love fairy tales but it is not a universal rule. So if your kid loves animals then focus on all those animal stories featuring a cat, dog, lion, horse, etc. Similarly some kids love cars while others might be in love with mythological characters. It is imperative to find your child’s area of interest and then choose books accordingly.

Make a comfy reading corner

Do not make it a task but make it fun! Make a small corner with a rocking chair, an overhead reading lamp and a basket of books where you can sit with your child and read out to him. Your child can even use this corner to sit alone with his book when he reads or simply turns the pages.

Be the role model

As a parent, we are the first teachers and role models for our kids. So, pick up your favorite book and make sure that your child notices you reading it. Even if you are busy, ensure that you read for 10- 15 min every day when your child is nearby. Seeing you read will certainly make an impression on the young mind. If they don’t see the parents reading, they why will they? I am an avid reader and have a habit of reading before going to bed. My daughter has picked by the habit and at seven she has her own collection of books including the Amelia Jane series, Faraway Tree Series and some fairy tale books.

Visit libraries and bookstores

Each of us is in the habit of visiting shopping malls and eating joints but how many of us take our kids to a bookstore or a library? When visiting a mall, spend half an hour in a bookstore. Take your child through the kids section and look through the various titles with them. You can even buy a book or two for your kid according to his choice. Do not try to influence their choice by telling them that the book is not fit or them or quite advanced. Give them a free hand even if a four year wants to choose some mystery or auto related book.

Reading is like cycling, once you develop it you never forget. So help your child to develop that love for books by following the above tips. I am sure a little dedication and time spent with your child and his books will help your child become a book lover.

Is your child interested in his books?

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