How to Dress Up Toddlers On Krishna Janmashtami

How to Dress Up Toddlers On Krishna Janmashtami


Today is Janmashtami and you are busy in preparations for Pooja. Everyone will be in festive wear so remember to dress your little one in traditional clothes too. The kids look very nice in such dresses and they enjoy the change as well.


Here are some cute and simple dressing ideas for your little Krishna and Radha-

Janmashtami Dresses for Girls

You have a lot of traditional dresses for little girls.

Salwar Kameez


You can select salwar kameez as per the comfort level of your little girl. If she likes, then dress her up in a gorgeous Anarkali Suit. But if your toddler is fussy, then simply pick a light cotton salwar kameez in bright colours to dress her.





Little girls look really cute in traditional lehengas. These are available in many fabrics and in varying colours. You can find lehengas in modern cuts like straight, mermaid-cut or the ones with big gheras. Choose whatever appeals to you but stay away from the very heavy ones.

Ethnic Skirts


Another way to make your baby-girl look traditional is to dress her up in an ethnic skirt with a matching top. These skirts are light and look Indian too. You can also buy a tiny stole to make the look even more festive.

Rajasthani/Gujarati Lehenga


The pop-coloured lehengas with mirror work are a very chic way of dressing your princess. They are light and comfortable for the babies. Make sure that you buy the lehengas that have plastic embellishments and not the ones with real mirrors.

Pre-stitched sarees look lovely too but they hinder movement so choose wisely.

Janmashtami Dresses for Boys

There are comparatively lesser options when it comes to traditional wear for boys. You can choose from these-



Dress your little prince a bright coloured silk kurta for Janmashtami. You can also buy light cotton kurtas with embroidery. The churidars should not be too tight. Also contrasting colours look good on toddlers.



You can make your baby boy wear a pre-stitched dhoti. Dhotis look really cute and your boy will look like a naughty Kanha when he is dressed up in tradional dhoti with kurta or kedia jackets.




Sherwanis are a hot favourite among the traditional fare. Your toddler will look royal in them. Choose sherwanis made of light fabrics so that your kid can have fun while wearing it.

Do not forget to match your kid’s footwear with their traditional dress.

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