How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing And Dancing

How To Encourage Your Kid For Singing and Dancing ???

Singing and dancing are great ways to gain physical and emotional benefits as exercising. Both singing and dancing help kids stay healthy, happy and inculcate fast learning abilities too.

Being physically active also helps increase your child’s skills and enhance their brain power.

A recent study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that live music can be beneficial for babies. Live music helps slow a premature baby’s heartbeat, calm his or her breathing, aid sleep, and improve sucking behaviors for feeding. Kids who participate in choir groups exercise their cardio-vascular systems, improve their socialization skills and stay involved in their communities.

Evidences show that encouraging kid’s involvement in music is beneficial for his/ her development. Music helps kids enhance in language, vocabulary, maths and science etc.



You must have observed kids are naturally musically. They make sounds with objects near them, sing themselves to sleep, start dancing when the music plays and even learn alphabets through songs.

Why do we teach ABCs with a song? Ever wondered about it? How does your child learn those TV commercial’s jingles? Of course you did not teach him to learn those!!!

This is all because children grasp musical things easily since these interest them more.

Dancing helps develop muscle flexibility, strength, endurance as well as a sense of well- being. Dancing is a social activity during which kids socialize with each other and develop a positive outlook.

Though singing and music is very beneficial for kids and they involve themselves in music on their own, but how about getting them encouraged in music so as to enhance their singing and dancing abilities!!

This is never gonna be easy, Since children are emotional beings not make their brains work logically, you just cannot keep explaining your child about its benefits and get them involved in music and dance.



Here are few ways to encourage your child in Singing and Dancing:

  • Let them bang on the pots & pans and create their own music, don’t stop them until and unless there is something damaging.
  • Listen to your kids favorite music in the car, while you are driving the car let your kid enjoy music, no matter how silly that song be.
  • Have a random dance party in your living room.
  • Sing with your kid while doing your chores and also do some dance movements too to make it more fun.
  • Swap the bedtime stories with a bedtime song.
  • Enroll the kid in piano, violin or drum lessons.
  • Get your child enrolled in an early childhood music education class.
  • Encourage your child’s spontaneous dancing.
  • Sing with your child during bath time and let the kid engage in dance play while you get the kid dressed. Kids love to dance after bath.
  • Watch musical cartoons with your kid.
  • Teach your child the theme song to a TV show.
  • Buy a kid friendly set of drums or xylophone.
  • Sing lullabies with your kid and also dance on them.
  • Sing prayers with your kid, morning prayers or meal prayers are a good option. Apart from singing the kid learns the prayers too.
  • Challenge your kid to match body movements to the music that’s playing.
  • Remember the game “Name That Tune” !!! Play a child-friendly version of that game, this will help your kid enhance grasping abilities..
  • Dance together during your kids play time.
  • Register your kid in a nearby dance class, nearby so that you can sneak in the classes and have a secret watch on your kids performance. Secret because, if your kid sees you around, in the classes,, the kid will more concentrate on you then the dancing lessons.

There are many more such ways to encourage your child into singing and dancing. These encouraging dancing and singing abilities will enhance your kids abilities and help in the overall development.

My mom just told me that I used to dance on any musical sound no matter what the location be; be it home, train, car or even in my mom’s arms, and encouraged me to participate in extra curriculum activities since playschool. Her encouragement showed up when I grew up and I suppose that it enhanced my personality too.

So ladies try and remember how you were as kids, this will certainly make you realize what your kid needs to be like. Let your kid freely get into activities. Do not pressurize the kid only encourage the kid.

P.S. Don’t forget to make videos when your kid sings and dances. These are lovely moments to be cherished lifelong.

Do you encourage your child to dance and sing?

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