How To Enhance Breast Milk

I did a post on Breastfeeding diet last year and thankfully  I had a good supply of milk to breastfeed my baby.There are many women who want to enhance their breast milk.BM is not only great for your child immunity and over all health but it also helps the mother to get back into shape.

Today I am listing down few of the remedies which help in increasing breast milk.When you become a mom whole world advises you especially in India and most of the remedies were advised by my relatives.Firstly I didn’t believe in these herbal remedies but when I tried them out they really worked.I thought of sharing some of the popular remedies to enhance breast milk so here we go.

1)Sabudaana (SAGO) –  Soak 1-2tbsp of sabudaana in water overnight and pressure cook them the next morning.In one or two whistles sabudaana will be done.Now add milk as desired and have it twice a day.When you take it milk will ooze out.You can have this daily till you are breastfeeding your baby. If you get bored of it then you can make sabudaana kichdi as well.

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2.Methi (Fenugreek seeds) also help to improve milk supply.Soak 2-3 tsp of fenugreek seeds overnight and have it for 2-3 times a day.You can grind them in a mixer and have it milk.You can also make methi laddo .Recipe of methi laddo you can get it on the internet.Have the methi laddo with a glass of milk to increase the quantity.

3)) Cumin seeds(Jeera) – Take 2tsp. of jeera and have it with water.The day you take it milk flow will be double up.

4)Satavari poweder is very popular in Norther India.It’s available in all medical stores .I got mine from Patanjali store.I had it in my pregnancy as well.It’s available easily online on sites like Indiamart, Snapdeal etc.

5)Mother Horlicks available in chemist shop is also considered good to enhance breast milk.

6)There are Lactonic granules available in the chemist shop .You can have them after your doc consultation.Medicine named as Motilium (10 mg) is considered to enhance breast milk but make sure you consult your doctor before having it.

7)Moong dal(Green gram), Papapya , Curd and lots of fluid intake .

8)Breast feed your baby at regular interval even if the baby is not interested then pump out the milk .You need to express the milk regularly to increase the milk supply

9)Dalia (broken wheat) also helps .I had it every night for two months ofocurse by the end of it I started hating it .

10) There are lactare capsules as well which helps but like I said before.Always consult your doctor before taking medicine.

I collected all these remedies from friends, relatives and internet.The one which I followed were, sabudana kichdi, cumin seeds, dalia and Satavari powder.I kept  changing the remedies because it gets boring after a while.

I hope above remedies helps you out in enhancing your breast milk .:)

Do let me know which Milk enhancing remedies do you follow? The one which worked and one which didn’t.

Happy motherhood

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