How to Fade Baby’s Scar


Falls, cuts, bruises, wounds, hurts are all part of baby’s growth. A bruise or a wound might leave behind scars on the baby’s skin.

Any tiny ups and downs along with the baby easily pushes we mother’s into pressure and stress.



Here are a few solutions that could be handy when you feel your baby is likely to have a deep scar.

  • Calendula cream/lotion for babies is the most suggested product due to its healing properties. Calendula skin products are specially made from Marigold plant.


  • Mederma. This is a topical product is used specially on scars. It improves the scar appearance.


  • Bio oil is one of the famous skin care product especially for healing scars are improving in appearance. Prolonged and regular usage of Bio oil will definitely help. You can buy this from purplle here 



  • One of the most trusted natural remedy is aloevera gel. It has soothing properties will help in healing the scar efficiently.


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  • Another common scar appearance improvement is applying thin film of olive oil.We have written about olive oil here as well.You can buy it from here
  • Boroline is a common man’s product which is suitable for all types of skin problems. Scar is of course one of the skin problem.


  • Above all, a child’s skin is tender and have a great tendency to heal quickly. If the scar is not too prominent, then it would be better to leave as it is to heal with time.


  • Once again above all the points, if the scar is too deep or infectious, then you might want to see a dermatologist or your pediatrician.

God forbid no child gets bruises  or scars.

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Do you have any more solutions for scar on baby skin?

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