How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies

How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies

Recently, one of my friend delivered a beautiful baby girl and she was all struggling to get along with her new born as she is single handedly raising her child being away from parents with husband supporting only when he gets some time after office hours!

Initially she was very confused and unhappy as to why her new born was always feeling uncomfortable and on top of that the little one was a little sick for a while due to extreme cold! So, drawing from her situation I felt that there are so many other working women who have focused on their career first and eventually when they are having a family they find it a little difficult to get into the usual frame of discharging the duties of a full time mother!

So here are some of the tips related to feeding and soothing your newborns if you do not have any help around or any elderly person to advice you about the same!


It is often said that breastfeeding comes naturally to newborns and they can adjust accordingly but what if you do not know about some complications which arise due to excess of milk production or what to do when there is very less milk production and your baby is not able to feed at all! In that case seeking help from an expert i.e. a lactation consultant will solve many f your queries and your concerns regarding breastfeeding will come to a halt!

Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position while breastfeeding. You may feel a little drained afterwards so always have your meals on proper time otherwise a sense of lethargy is bound to occur during breastfeeding!


This is one of the most confusing things a new mom experiences at first after which it is clearly understood whether the baby is crying for breastfeeding or some uncomfortable diaper is causing it to feel uneasy!

Always try calm your baby with your soft touch and comforting hold. Babies do cry differently for food, for uneasiness or for any other common concern like congestion, colic etc. so try to decode that and you will be easily able to sooth and comfort your baby!

See to it that the surrounding of the baby is calm and not full of noise which may cause irritation to their peaceful sleep!

Take the baby for a walk to let them get away with the house environment and let them breath in fresh air!

Try to play with newborns in your own way, this will also help you in connecting with their expressions and you will be easily able to tell if they are displeased or happy at certain occasions!

There are so many other ways as well which will help you in soothing your baby to being cheerful and not cranky all the time about which you may read more in the coming days!

Have you tried these ways to sooth and feed your baby?

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