How To Find the Appropriate Nursing Bra

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How To Find the Appropriate Nursing Bra

Your pregnancy’s first trimester involves a lot of changes in the body including the breasts. Most of the mothers do not fit into their non-maternity jeans and pre-pregnancy bras. So, while you plan to buy new bras for yourself, give nursing bras a try. You may not fit into them as soon as your young one is born, owing to the fact that the breasts swell up post delivery, but after some time you will fit well into them in a relaxing way, even as you breastfeed your baby.



Shopping Stores:                                                     

These nursing bras are available both online and the departmental stores’ maternity section. These bras can be purchased at discount rates from stores but if you can afford, go for the high quality ones. You can even browse through the catalogues that contain bras for new mothers which also display other products for babies and breastfeeding purposes.

Bra Types For Purchase:

Nursing bras have been designed keeping in mind the breast-feeding mothers and have cups which can be opened. The cups have flaps which need to be opened while nursing the baby, keeping intact the rest portion of the garment. While shopping for nursing bras you will have to search for the following features:

  • Flap Check- The flaps should open easily with only one hand. If they can be put back in place using single-hand, the deal will be a better one. You must not forget that the other hand of yours will be pre-occupied as you hold a delicate body seeking food. And if you want something that can be used for nursing your child in public, look for bras that have fasteners which can be opened with you taking the pain to look at them.
  • Supporting Bras- It is important that the bra support your breast underneath the cups, especially when they are open. This helps in easing the breastfeeding process and helps you comfortably close the bra back after the process is over.
  • Avoiding Factor- You should not opt for bras that have full-front end opening during feeding. It will be difficult for you to refasten it when the nursing is done with.
  • Comfortable Wear-  It is also important that the nursing bra fits comfortably when you wear them. Uncomfortable bras can lead to problems like breast infections and plugged ducts because of the blockage in the milk flow by straps and underwires.
  • No Underwire- It is best to avoid underwires, mostly when undergoing the ‘postpartum’ phase. And if you have to wear an underwire bra, be selective about the fittings. The tissues that produce milk in the breast goes up to the armpit and down to the rib cage. Wearing an underwire bra will have the tendency to stop the process of receiving milk by blocking the ‘milk ducts’ connected to these areas. It will also annoy and poke you, offering nothing but discomfort. Even during pregnancy the wearing this type of bra can be uncomfortable as the wires tend to dig right into the bloating abdomen every time you want to sit.
  • Breathing Bra- The fabric of the garment should be breathable. 100% cotton is highly preferred for this purpose. However, the new varieties of synthetic products have also successfully allowed breathing of the skin. The other synthetic varieties however, trap the moisture in the surrounding area of the nipples and promote the growth of bacteria along with soreness. Never opt for a bra that has plastic lining.
  • Keep a Stock- It will help you greatly to have a minimum of three bras during your nursing time. You can wear one while the second one goes to the laundry while a third can be kept as a reserve. You will even be spared of having to wash the bras more often.
  • Go for a Trial- Do not just rush into buying bras. Firstly, wear one of any style you prefer and if you see that it is comfortable, consider buying more of its kind.

Shop for Fitting Size:

Not everyone can understand what bra size fits her. As breasts grow in size in huge proportions after postpartum, the following tips will understand your size so that you can fit into the right-sized bra.

  • The size of your breasts enlarges since your milk comes rapidly in post your birth. Therefore, it would do you good to buy at least two pieces that are comparatively cheaper and a size larger than the ones you normally wear, as it will help you go through with the later stages of pregnancy until your first few postpartum weeks.
  • After the breast size comes down, you need to buy extra bras which will fit you perfectly. This will happen two weeks after the delivery.
  • Majority of the nursing bras come with hook options on the back side in case the breast size changes or the rib cage expands at the time of pregnancy. If you can hook comfortably into the second line of the bra, there will be enough room for you to grow bigger or smaller with time. Since the flaps have side openings, the cups also get enough room to expand.
  • While purchasing catalog based bras, it will help you to seek the retailer’s guidance to measure the appropriate size of your breast. You will definitely have a better-fitting bra that offers comfort and effective-functioning.
  • For women with large breasts, an extra-support based bra will be quite helpful.

Nursing Bra- Functionality:

There are a few mothers that prefer wearing nursing bras during breastfeeding. These bras provide extra support which the mothers seek during their nursing period. The smaller-breasted women tend to ignore the importance of these specialized bras as time passes on. There are even others who prefer not to wear bras or opt for the stretchy variety that can be lifted up while feeding and pulled back once the nursing is done.

It is up to you to understand the need of a functionally good bra when you are at breast-feeding sessions. It will help you to keep away from stretching and sagging while maintaining firmness and shape of the breast, factors which are highly influenced by genes. Although, some mothers fear that their breasts become droopy and smaller due to weaning, their size and shape recuperate with time.

Many mothers prefer wearing bras even during weaning- but it is up t o you to choose what suits you well.

Have you found your perfect nursing bra?

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