How To Get Baby Out Of Your Bed


How To Get Baby Out Of Your Bed

When a baby is born, most parents prefer to keep them with themselves during the sleep as well. Though it is good in the beginning, it can make you even more tired to keep adjusting your sleeping positions as per your baby. As babies grow up, they will take more space and you will be pushed to the sides. These things hinder your sleep and you may not feel refreshed the next morning.


Start Early

After the initial one or two months, it is important that you start training your baby to sleep on their own. Remember that, it is not essential that you move the baby in a month or two. You can do this whenever you feel comfortable. An important point to remember is that the earlier you start, the easier it is to train your little one.

If your baby is just a few months old then start by putting them in a small cot on your bed itself and gradually shift them to their own cot. For older babies, make them sleep in a separate cot in your own room and in a few days, move the bed to your baby’s room.


If your baby does not take these things easily then you can sleep with them in their room for a few days and once they get accustomed, let them sleep alone. To make your baby habitual of their new bed and room, make them sleep in it for every nap and sleep.

Make it Easy

You can make their sleep-time interesting by singing a song to them or give them a soft-toy to sleep with. You can also put some interesting but mild night lamps. Baby monitors can be placed in the room so that you can easily keep checking on your baby.

You have to be mentally strong to shift your baby out of your bed as their cries can make your melt. Do not bring your baby back to your bed even if they cry for a few days. Slowly they will get used to their new environment.

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