How To Get Rid Of Lice From Kid’s Hair

How To Get Rid Of Lice From Kid’s Hair

Lice is one of the most common and intimidating problem which almost every parent has to go through when their kids start mingling with other fellow kids or start going to school.

This certainly causes embarrassment for the parents as it is something which show that proper hair care and cleanliness is not being undertaken by parents. Of course it doesn’t symbolize any particular status but its just that regular combing and early detection of the symptoms like itching can prevent lice to spread all over the head of a child.

Well, because children don’t mind mingling and touching their heads with their fellows, there are high chances that they catch infection as the lice travels from one head to another.

It is really difficult to treat lice completely and requires mothers to put in time and effort to check whether they have many lice or just a few crawling ones! They can be easily seen with naked eyes, so first method is to physically see what the situation is.  Afterwards there are some remedies which need to be followed to make sure that their kid is relieved from the lice problem as soon as possible.

Home Remedies-

Camphor & Oil-

The most common remedy which has been told over generations is to melt a piece of camphor in oil and when the oil is lukewarm and suitable for application on child’s head, apply it and let it remain overnight. The next morning wash of the kid’s head with a gentle shampoo and with a fine brush- comb, manage to take out the dead lice.

Neem Leaves & Oil-

Another effective remedy used by many mothers is to boil neem leaves along with little camphor. Mix them in hair oil and then apply it for overnight on the child’s head. This of course is not easy as kids generally throw many tantrums when it comes to touching their hair.

Medicated Remedies-


There are many medicated shampoos available in stores which can be used alternately but only after consulting with your doctor as to they are safe for the child’s head and eyes or not! Shampoo tends to sting too much in the child’s eye and for that matter the home remedies are best. But if you kid has severe lice problem, then going with the medicated shampoo option would be the best.

Topical Lotions-

There are many topical hair lotions also available in the stores which can be applied on he child’s scalp and kept for a while and then washed with any regular kid shampoo. After combing their hair with a fine hair crush, one will certainly spot the dead lice.

Treating lice problem surely takes a good while of about 2-3 weeks of regular washing and combing. Also, every mother should make sure to wash their kid’s head with a medicated shampoo to prevent the lice from coming back again and  also to avoid starting the treatment afresh!

Also make sure to check your kid’s hair once in a while to see if the lice problem has completely gone or not because they tend to reproduce very quickly and will easily multiply. Then all your efforts would go in vain, if a single lice remains in the scalp.

Do you have more remedies to share that are useful to get rid of lice problem in kids?

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