How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy

How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy

Square Meals, Healthy Meals. All mothers constantly have these thoughts on their mind. The right thing is to not just force feed them healthy and nutritious food but try and work at them enjoying their healthy meal. With the influx of junk food it seems impossible to change their food choices. You painfully make their Daals and Sabzis and it is all wasted for one packet of French fries. So frustrating right? U cook, slave and then these brats don’t touch it. I remember when my son was in his first year he pretty much ate anything and everything that I put on his plate. That was a blissful one year for me

The second year started and he began refusing veggies and other healthy things. I was absolutely clueless on how to get him back on track. Anything I made for him he wouldn’t touch, there was a time when for the same meal, I had to make variety so that he would pick and choose and still eat only a small portion. It was extremely trying and hard for me especially because the first year I didn’t have to deal with any of this. Nevertheless, I had to think of encouraging him to eat all his square meals and that too willingly.

Never Force

If you have to force then it is momentary, they might eat it that time but it will not last, and they would never be happy about Meal Times.

Don’t Get Angry

It is natural for kids to dilly dally and not eat with a full focus. And more so when it’s not their choice of favourite meal. More so at that point in time to be patient and keep urging them to finish off their meal. When they realize that you are not getting mad at them, they would have little choice to throw a tantrum about not eating.

Talking Helps

As we try and talk to our children about everything under the sun and explaining the pros and cons, similarly we need to educate our children about the benefits of healthy eating.

Plan Ahead

This is something that could be the Golden Rule to help set healthy eating routine patterns in toddlers. Plan the menu in advance and also share with them what is in store for them. If you let them know, they are also prepared to eat and the scope for tantrum reduces.

Set an Example

As they are little monkeys who love to ape you, set the right example. Even if you don’t wish to eat a particular dish ensure that they don’t see you resisting it. They are smart enough to understand if you are faking it so be convincing.

Take It Easy –  As is the case with everything else revolving around parenting, similarly there are no hard and fast rules here. Once in a while, let it go if your child is throwing a fuss about eating. Start again with a fresh start next time.

How many of you lovely moms struggle to feed nutritious food to your children?

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