How To Give Dry Fig To Babies

We get tired and bored of same kind of food and keep searching for new recipes every now and then.We need constant change and same is the case with babies too.With babies we have to make sure that not only they like the food but its beneficial for their health as well.

I have tried to give my daughter  best known natural form of nutrients supplements for my daughter from the time she was 10 months.

One of the natural supplement which one can give baby is fig

Benefits of Figs for babies:

  • Figs help in the improved bowel movements in babies. This prevents constipation problem as well
  • Babies immune system also improves
  • Figs are a store house of vitamins and minerals. The mineral and vitamin requirements for growing babies are easily supported by figs.
  • Figs also help is digestion

Using Figs for babies:

The direct consumption of dried figs is not advisable for babies and it can be given in following ways.

10 month baby:

For a 10 month old baby, chewing and swallowing fig is out of question. The best way is to soak the raw dried fig in warm drinking water and leave it for about 4 – 5 hours. Once it secrets all the taste in to the water, you will find the water discolored. This has all the nutrients. Remove out the figs and give the baby only the water. Giving the fig fruit itself might be a little too heavy for the baby to digest.

You can also boil figs in water and give only the water to your baby.

Fig for 1 year old and above :-

For slightly older babies, the digestion capacity is much better. So, you can blend the soaked or boiled figs and add the blended pulp into other porridge. Or even mix it with milk and serve your baby. Do not throw away the water you used to soak/boil the figs.


If you have never  given fig to your baby then do keep a watch when you first introduce it to him/her. Identify and confirm that your baby is not allergic to figs and then add it in your baby diet chart

Have you tried figs for your baby?

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