How To Give Medicine to Your Child

How To Give Medicine to Your Child

Are you finding it difficult to give medication to your child? How can you get your child to take medicine? Most of the parents are confused and also find it very problematic to give medicine to their child because they twist themselves. Hence, today in this article we are telling you some tips give medicine to your child safely as well as effectively.

You have to keep in mind that all medicines are different from one another and also their way of giving to your child. You have to know that the children are more complex to medications than adults. Attention and carefulness required while giving medicine to the children’s because if given in a wrong time with wrong manner then it would be harmful or ineffective for you.

Now, here we are giving some tips that are useful for you to give medicine to your kids with confidence.



Precautions before giving medicine:

Look at the numbers in the directions that it is single or double. Read the guidelines carefully as well as measure the dosage in proper and good light.

  • Be conscious that some over-the-counter medication for babies, like infant acetaminophen, is concentrated.
  • You should have to know your child’s weight because some dosages depend upon age or weight of child.
  • Shake liquid doses before giving to your child and do not confused between tablespoon and teaspoon.
  • Keep in mind: 1 milliliter (ml) = 1 cc and 1 teaspoon = 5 cc. therefore always give medicine after measurement.
  • Only give recommended amount of medicine and not more than that because it leads to a severe illness.
  • It can be difficult to administer medicines to babies because they wriggle. You will need to enlist the help of another adult or older brother or sister. Position your baby so that is slightly raised. Never lay him down flat while giving him medicines because he may inhale the medicine into his lungs.

Use of right tool for medication:

Right as well as proper tool plays an effective role to give right amount medicine to your child. You can give the dosages by medicine dropper, spoon, dosage cup and also oral syringe that are exactly planned to support you measure and do management the right dose.

A. Dropper:

  • While using a dropper grasp your baby in the crook of your arm and take up the definite amount of medicine into the glass tube.
  • Put the dropper in the corner of your baby’s mouth and discharge the medicine softly.



B. Spoon:

  • For young baby, sterilize the spoon and hold your baby in the crook of your arm. Then open his mouth by mildly dragging down his chin.
  • Put the spoon on his lower lip, increase the angle of the spoon and lease the medicine run into his mouth.



C. Medicine tube:

  • Transfer the needed dose into the tube and hold the baby.
  • Put the mouthpiece on her lower lip and lease the medicine seep into her mouth.

You can also try some plastic syringes for giving the medicines.You may buy a medicine spoon here.

Instructions for giving different types of medicines:

Medicines are available in various forms such as liquids, drops, capsule and ointment etc. we are giving some ways to give these medicines to your child.

1. Capsules:

  • Do not break the tablet instead of that crush tablets between two spoons then mix the powder with jam or honey or ice-cream.
  • Tell your child to hold his nose when taking medicine.

2. Drops:

For giving drop take help of your older child or another adult to keep and grasp his head stable.

  • Ear drop: Place your baby on the side that affected ear is on uppermost side. Pour the drop slowly at the center of ear and hold your baby for 1 minute.
  • Eye drop: With the help of another person lean your baby’s head so that the affected eye gets lowermost position. Then pull in eye very slowly and lease the drops fall among his eye as well as his lower eye lid.
  • Nose drop: Tilt your baby’s head and lightly fall liquid into each nostril. Only 2 -3 drops are sufficient.

3. Syrup:

  • Mix this with another liquid such as honey, and your child’s other favorite drink.
  • Give his favorite drink after finishing this medicine. Don’t powerfully clasp your child’s nose because he breathes in some of the medicine.
  • Always clean your child’s teeth after taking any liquid medicine to inhibit syrup stabbing.

4. Eye ointment:

  • Slope your baby’s head back or lay her flat and gently pull your baby’s lower eyelid down.
  • Smear a 1cm shred of ointment to inner surface of your baby’s inferior eyelid but make sure that avoid touching the tube with any part of eye.

5. Suppository:

  • It is a capsule form and you have to gently insert the suppository into the opening of your baby’s bottom (rectum).
  • Grasp the suppository in between your index finger and your thumb. Softly drive the suppository with your index finger into your baby’s bottom.

So, these are the effective tips that are useful for giving medicines to your child. I hope you find this article very useful as well as informative.

How do you give medicine to your baby?

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