How To Handle Kids During A Flight Travel

How To Handle Kids During A Flight Travel

Travelling surely brings a lot of excitement and gives the perfect break from a routine life which is struggling to find the perfect balance between home and office. Holidaying is surely as exciting as you get to get away from the usual surroundings and the change relaxes you from inside. Well, when you have kids and that too toddlers, travelling come surely not as pleasing as it sounds to be because you need to lookout for many different things which may be needed on your way.

Well, travelling to a destination is a major problem with most of the kids as they are not used to the modes of transport at all and may behave strangely when they get to see so much crowd or people around them. Here we will talk about what precautions to take and tips to follow while travelling with a toddler through airplane.

A toddler is not at all aware of the experience of flying and so the phenomenon of jet lag is something they are sure to get affected and for that , it is to be understood by parents that they need to adjust with a jet-lagged child after reaching the destination.

  • First of all you need to make sure that the air travel is not too long and if it is really important to go, then make sure you have a connecting flight to reach the destination.
  • Have a flight reservation at comparatively  less favored time of the day as it is the first time for your little child and you may not want to struggle in the crowd of people.
  • Make sure that your little one eats and drinks properly as most of the problems related to de-hydration during flights is caused by the food we eat in long flight travels.
  • If you child has a an ear infection, it is a must to go and see a doctor e before travelling as high altitudes tend to rupture cells of the eardrum which may cause excessive pain and also loss of hearing eventually. So it is advised to consult the doctor before hand and take precautionary measures during the flight to avoid any hearing issues in future. If possible, postpone you travel until the ear infection gets alright.
  • Ensure before hand that what things related to the food & nutrition for the kid is allowed in the airlines. Carry formula milk powder or juices as you may not get the desired food for your little one in the flight due to the dietary restrictions for the kid.
  • Avoid stressing at the airport and easily go through the security check and all the formalities. Keep a cross body bag along so that your hand is free to take care of your toddler and you don’t misplace things like passport or tickets while going through the security check and other pre-boarding formalities.
  • Dress up your toddler in comfortable clothes and also easy to unfasten kind of clothes in case they might want to visit the loo just when the boarding announcement is being done! Jumpsuits, rompers will make it really difficult for them to use the loo without causing a mess. If they are still in the diaper wearing age, prefer doing that but remember to change it after every hour if you are having a long flight, in order to avoid a cranky toddler in the plane.
  • Try to put your child to sleep once you are settled properly in your seat after the plane has taken off. This way there will be comparatively lesser effects of the jet lag caused by the difference in time zones of the destination.

Well, these were some of the tips of my knowledge which can be followed to have a peaceful flight travel with a toddler! I hope you find these useful!

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