How To Handle Mood Swings Post Delivery

Life is hectic with lot of mess around and  nothing seems to be organized. It was not like this before and nobody gave me a hint that things are going to be so different and difficult :((

Is this what you have felt after having sleepless night with your new born?

 I have innumerable experiences to share what  I have gone through after I became a mother. Everyone was so excited to hear that I have conceived and pampered me like crazy till I delivered. But, post delivery challenges and sufferings are solely faced and experienced by the new mom. The pains, mood swings and  sleeplessness all this is only suffered by a mom.

With tears in my eyes I  felt trapped and sometimes cherished the pre-mommy days . I was desperate to get back to my old self. Always wondered

  • Do all the mothers feel the same?
  • Will I ever be able to establish a  normal day routine ?
  • Will this phase last when my baby grow up into a self helping kids.
  • Will I feel better when I get back to work?


As time passed things have been  settling down a bit  although it has not yet become normal. Well I have learnt to forget about those lazy days which I enjoyed before being a mommy.

If you control the mood swings almost everything gets to normal. My daughter is 30 months (2.5 yrs) old as of now and I still have mood swings. Never knew what to do initially, but in due course I have identified what can help control mood swings.

Tips To Deal With Mood Swings:-

  • When you are getting pissed off, try to focus on something else that has been your favorite throughout your life. It could be anything, music, photography, cartoons, meditating. I always flip the pages of my wedding album.
  • Talk to your trusted  best pal. Chat over anything under the sun. You will regain energy to get back again to the messy things around.
  • Hubbies are the best mood soothers. I have so many times deliberately acted as though frustration has surrounded me just to grab his attention. :-P. Yes, act silly. You will enjoy and it will instantly boost up your energy.
  • Talk to mothers who are sailing in the same boat. Get assured and satisfied that they are going through the same situations. It just gives a hope that ‘all is well’.
  • Most importantly do not entertain nosey aunties and grand mothers’. They add a lot of irritation to your mind. Their nonsense speech only adds to the trouble. These are must avoid living being on the earth.

Hats off to all the mothers. Lots of changes, lots of willing and unwilling sacrifices  and above all adopting to the changes.

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