How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed

By Gayatri L

How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed

You are reading this post, so you must be a mother and you know well regarding your baby sleep problems. Few children may sleep well but few struggle to sleep properly. They hardly sleep properly and wake in the mid night, get down their bed and find the way to yours. It is very important to help them in this matter.



How to Do It?

Here are few tips that can help you in keeping your child to stay on the bed.

  • To train them, try maintaining a sleep diary. This helps you see the difference easily.
  • Fix a time for them to go to sleep. Make them sleep right at that time every day. Try making this bedtime enjoyable for your kid instead of boring. Observe if your child is learning to go to bed on their own or not.
  • TV makes changes to the mind by making it more alert and disturbs sleep. So, make sure to turn off the TV an hour before bed time.
  • Arrange relaxing activities during the bedtime so that your toddler gets into sleep easily.
  • Parents find essential oils to relax the kids. Few of them which are safe for the toddlers include chamomile and lavender. Use them in the bath, massage oil or even as an infusion in their room. Never use it directly on the skin but dilute in carrier oil.



  • Never give them food that alerts mind and that helps in keeping them awake in the tea time. Instead give those which help in sleeping well. Give lukewarm milk at the bedtime since calcium has the calming effect.
  • If your kid gets overtired by the bed time, it becomes difficult to sleep. So in such cases, make sure your kid relaxes for one hour and then goes to bed.
  • Once your kid gets into the bedroom, don’t allow coming back into the living room since it is the place that disturbs the sleep.
  • Make sure the bedroom becomes the last place for their bed time routine after which they shouldn’t come out till the next morning. Spend some time with the kid in the bedroom by telling a story, reading the same with the kid, giving kisses, and cuddles, etc.
  • If your kid still regrets to sleep then there are many ways to deal with it. Do it for at least two weeks to observe the difference.



  • Pay less attention to the kid to make her go back to the kid but never reward them for this misbehavior by paying much attention to them. You need to do this with much patience and slowly your kid will co-operate you.
  • If your kid cries then leave the room for 5 min. If you don’t like to leave your kid like that then start practicing by going out for 1 minute and then come back and say that you are there for her. Then slowly increase the time. This way you are only giving her time to calm down.

It is really a tough job to do with patience. You also have to be sometimes strict if required. You really wish your kid gets a sound good night sleep since they need it. So, try doing all the tricks that can help you do this with ease and without being much strict. If they are still coming back to you, then plan well and make them realize the importance of sleep and get them do it.

How do you make your child sleep in his/her own bed?

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