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Kids Crafts – Making Animal Face Toy

Making toys is fun. You don’t have to attend a workshop for that. Just gather whatever is there around you and put in your simple silly ideas together with some glue. This handmade-homemade toy will get the top priority than whatever you buy at the stores. That is a guaranteed gift your little one will give you.



Involve your little one in the making of the toy. They would boast around with pride that they stuck the eyes, fixed the ears and all other things. This way it keeps both you and your child engaged for a good amount of time.



Harsh winters have kept us inside without much outdoor activities. So, crafts of making a toy is our favourite past time now.

Here is a simple animal face like looking toy with our own imagination. I am not sure if it resembles reindeer. But my daughter named these two creatures “yogurt bow bow”. Bow bow for dog, yogurt because it is made of yogurt pot. Yeah, that is a yogurt pot turned upside down and done all necessary gluing to look like an animal.

You will need:

  • yogurt pot,
  • pieces of twigs,
  • few paper cutting to indicate eyes-nose-mouth,
  • and any funny paper accessories to make a shawl or wrap around (optional)
  • scissors,
  • glue stick.



How to make your own animal face toy:

  • Turn the plastic yogurt pot upside down, and pierce 2 tiny holes. Fix the twigs to make it look like horns.
  • Wrap around the pot a colorful paper and fix with glue or leave as it is.
  • Add eyes, nose, mouth of dark colour paper.



Do you make any toys with your child?

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