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Skillofun Beginner’s Shape Size Sorter

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Off late I have been trying to get some really good & useful toys for Anvika rather than those soft toys which eventually find place on the bed top and is rarely used for laying. This time I got her a unique shape size sorter set from Skillofun. I must admit that skillofun comes up with some really unique toy sets which toddlers simply cannot resist and on top of that they get to learn different things from these kind of toys. Coming to the review lets see what the brand has to say about this toy!

About Skillofun Beginner’s Shape Size Sorter

Help your children understand shapes, sizes and colors the fun way. This Skillofun Beginner’s Shape Size Sorter will help your children understand the concepts of different shapes and sizes while they are having fun. This wonderful toy set consists of blocks of different colours, sizes and shapes. This set will help your children improve their hand and eye coordination and colour identification.  This set will also help your children improve their grip on the objects. The inks used in this wooden toy set are non-toxic and harmless. This Skillofun Beginner’s Shape Size Sorter has a width of 18.5 cm, a height of 17 cm, a depth of 9.5 cm and a weight of 520 g. This size and shape sorter set is designed for children between the age group of 2 and 4 years.

Key Features

  • Identify Each Object and its Respective Cavity and ‘Post’ it in the Correct Cavity. The Object Must Fall into the Posting Box
  • This Wooden Toy Helps Beginners get a Solid Experience with Early Learning Concepts – Grip, Placement and Shape
  • Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories – Transport, Animals, Fruits and Shapes
  • There are Sixteen Objects – Four per Category

Price- 300. You can get it from flipkart here.

My Experience with Skillofun Beginner’s Shape Size Sorter-

So far I ma really finding this set useful for my daughter in making her learn shapes & sizes. She is also able to identify the colors which are so bright & catchy that a toddler will naturally learn recognizing them in a short span of time.

I came up with three ways to make my girl learn the basics of this unique toy set-

  • I ask her to give me blue or yellow color and she is able to do it with its help. As the shapes are quiet bright it attracts the eyes of  kids.
  • I give her a small hint or an idea of shapes by comparing it with other object like a circle compared with a bangle! Her lunchbox compared to the shape of rectangle and like wise. Slowly they can learn what is triangle, circles or square.
  • And also a comparison of the shapes that the other shape is bigger than this one and so on! It is really nice to spend time with her making her learn new things.

It takes a lot of patience as it may be possible that kids forget about these shapes so you need to make sure to keep revising.

What I like about Skillofun Beginner Shape Size Sorter-

  • Bright colors attract kids
  • Very economical set
  • Has different shapes & sizes for learning
  • Wooden shapes
  • Gives and easy hold as per the kid’s hands

 What I don’t like about Skillofun Beginner Shape Size Sorter

  • I don’t find a single dislike for the product

Product Rating-

Will I recommend?-

Yes I would love to recommend it for kids between 2 to 4 years of age as it is really easy to understand and a very useful toy for making them learn shapes & sizes.
Have you tried these shape sorter toys from Skillofun?

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