How To Make Rice Water For Babies, Toddlers & Kids

How To Make Rice Water For Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Hello Moms,

Today I am going to share a common home remedy which is quite popular in Indian households as the quick solution to diarrhea in toddlers & kids. I have used this recipe a number of times whenever my daughter suffered from  diarrhea. I was preparing this rice again for my unwell toddler daughter so thought to share the detailed recipe with all you moms. Hope you find it useful in treating various other stomach ailments in kids.


Rice Water for Toddlers

First of all take a handful of clean rice and boil it properly in clean water. When it starts to get thick in consistency, add a pinch of table salt in it and mix well. I usually add a pinch of black pepper powder in it for my daughter.

You can slowly add few vegetables in this mixture as you child decarrotvelops a liking for this recipe. The ideal vegetables that will go well with this Rice water recipe are s, bottle gourd etc.

The rice water should not be too thick or too dilute and have an optimum consistency so that it is easy for toddlers to swallow it properly.

Rice Water For Babies

For babies below the age of 12 months, rice water can be prepared by just boiling the rice with water thoroughly. Babies have still not fully developed digestive system so it is advised to give only the rice water left after straining the boiled rice. You don’t have to add any salt or black pepper in it. Just give the plain rice water.

Rice Water For Kids

Well, rice water for kids can be extensively prepared by adding many seasonal vegetables and preferably add the pureed form of the boiled vegetables to ensure that they don’t make a fuss while having it. You may add salt or black pepper powder as per the child’s liking as they grow up!

Benefits of Rice Water For Health

  • Rice water has many healthy advantages for toddlers & kids. Rice is an easily digestible food which provides instant energy and also treats the stomach ailments like diarrhea along with regulating the proper bowel movements.
  • Rice water consists of B complex vitamins which are great for the overall development and nutrition for the kids and toddlers.
  • It is a sure shot cure for treating severe diarrhea in kids without compromising with the health of toddlers.

Benefits of Rice Water for Beauty

  • Moms can also use the left over rice water to use it in their beauty regime as rice water( without any salt & black pepper) acts as a great skin toner and also minimizes the pore size naturally.
  • It is also believed that rice water tends to treat acne and heals it speedily.

Well, this was the easy recipe of preparing Rice water at home and as per the age of your child you can easy make it quickly at your own comfort. Hope you find this recipe useful for treating digestive issues in kids.

Have you tried making rice water for your child?

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