How To Make Simple Paneer Sandwich For Toddlers

How To Make Simple Paneer Sandwich For Toddlers

When you are in a hurry and need to prepare your toddler’s lunch box, you always feel short of quick recipes. Sometimes you just do not have time to make a meal for them at home. At times like this, many mothers end up giving packaged foods to their kids which are definitely bad for health especially if it becomes a regular thing.

I will suggest whipping out something quick and nutritious and there are many such recipes on our blog. Today, I’m here with another really quick food idea for toddlers. This is a sandwich which is packed with proteins and is delicious as well.

Here is How To Make Simple Paneer Sandwich For Toddlers-


  • Bread Slices- 2
  • Paneer (cottage cheese)- 1/2 cup, crumbled
  • Cheese Slice- 1
  • Onion- 1/2, chopped
  • Tomatoes- 1/2, chopped
  • Tomato Sauce to taste
  • Salt to taste


Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well together.

Spread the mixture on a bread slice and cover with another.

Now toast the sandwich on a greased flat pan.

If you have time, you can grill it as well.

I hope you like this recipe and your kids enjoy it.

Do you know more simple  sandwich recipes for toddlers?

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