How To Make Toddlers/Kids Learn Small Big & Large

How To Make Toddlers/Kids Learn Small Big & Large

Hello Everyone!

How are your little bundles doing? I am sure they must be in their learning mode when each day would bring a new experience or they  will learn something unique which will will leave you delighted with joy!

Today I am sharing an innovative idea which I have incorporated with my kid to make her learn the size of things and how to decide what is small, big or large!


These are actually cardboard puzzles which depict pictorial figures of objects like books , balloons, table, kite etc in different sizes like small, big & large!

So, kids first need to sort the correct figures with each other and try to identify which object is small, big or large.


This is an interesting activity which kids love as their is lot of exciting pictures on these boards which attract their eyes and they pay attention to it. Like  teddy bear on the small table, a big balloon tied to the cat’s tail and like that.

Pictorial representation of objects in known to affect the mind most as it makes them visually understand what it is & how it looks like!


These colorful boards also help kids understand the objects and they start identifying the things when they see it anywhere else or in real life! Like a cat, a balloon or a table!

There is a unique hand & eye co-ordination associated with this board puzzle as they need to fit the shapes in proper order. When they have arranged all the puzzles correctly, it is just a matter of practice for 2-3 times that how to decide that this object is small or big or large and your kid will start doing it all by themselves in a week’s time.

The important features of this board puzzle are as follows-

  • Develops a unique capability of understanding particular objects
  • The pictorial representation idea is really thoughtful for the kid’s mind & a clear picture of what the object being discussed forms in their mind which they start understanding further.
  • The use of daily use common objects for the purpose of learning sizes is apt as kids get to see these objects every now & then, so that way they are going to remember it till long time.
  • Kids also learn to identify the different colors used in these board puzzles.
  • The puzzles need to be fitted in order so that the objects are clearly visible fin an ascending order of the object size i.e. small, big & large.

How do you tech your child to learn small, big & large?

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