How To Make Your Fussy Toddler Eat?

How To Make Your Fussy Toddler Eat?


As your little one moves towards the stage of a toddler, you must take it into your mind that this is going to be a phase of real anxious mealtimes for you as the loving mom of the kid because your kid will increasingly grow fussy when it comes to eating. Toddlers are indeed difficult eaters. They eat less, waste more because food for them is almost a play thing worthy of being strewn around the place but this fussiness is only a part of your toddler’s normal developmental stage and should pass away with time.

You as a mom need to show utmost patience in the first place, to cope with your toddler’s fussiness over food. Don’t get over conscious or over agitated as the mealtime arrives and you sit to feed your picky kid. That’ll only exacerbate the issue instead of managing it.



Here are some tips by following which you could make your fussy toddler eat more than the quantity he eats usually. Just read on:

  • Try to feed your toddler in the dining hall and put around your as well as your spouse’s plate near your kid’s. Eating along with mom and dad could be quite appealing for the child. Also you could put a little quantity of his food on to your plate or your spouse’s plate so that even if the kid pushes his plate aside and demands to eat from you, you can feed him with his food only
  • The food you serve to your toddler should look good to him; attract his attention. So you need slice and dice the food items into different funny shapes that your toddler could be fond of. Use spreads like jams, jellies, condiments and sauces like peanut butter, cream cheese etc to make the food colorful. Kids are attracted by colors and this strategy will definitely make him eat more and finish off fast
  • When it’s time for your toddler to eat, you could better call all other children in the house or in the close neighborhood to eat along with him. Peer pressure in most cases works like magic. The very phrase ‘See how fast Dolly is eating the eggs!’ will pump in extra enthusiasm into your toddler and your fussy eater toddler in no time will become an eager eater.
  • Try to include more and more finger food items into your toddler’s plate. The food items should be nutritious and at the same time pick-able, thus quite suitable for your picky toddler to graze and nibble at it as long as he wants
  • When you are buying food for your toddler, take him along with you and let him point at some of the food items. That’ll cultivate his interest in foods and in the eating process.
  • Also making positive remarks about the foods like ‘These are really delicious’ will motivate your child to eat more. His parents being his role models anything done or said by them is likely to be imitated by him.
  • Also try to make the mealtimes more consistent. If your kid is over-exhausted or over-hungry that would make him more fussy and thereby eat less. With consistent mealtimes you’ll definitely see better results.
  • So these are some tips by following which your fussy toddler will hopefully turn into an obedient eater and your obsession regarding his insufficient diet and nutrition will be brushed aside as well.

    Is your toddler a fussy eater?

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