How To Make Your Sandwich Nutritious

How To Make Your Sandwich Nutritious

Sandwiches are the easiest on the go foods to have. They are filling and tasty. Kids too love sandwiches. But have you ever wondered, if you are serving the right sandwich to your kid. Is it healthy enough or is it all full of junk???

While we love sandwiches for all the ease in making and its delicious taste, we should also never look nutrition quotients. Try and involve more of nutritional ingredients in your sandwiches to make them healthy.

Today I shall share with you all few great ways to make your sandwiches nutrition packed and healthy.

Read on.

Choose Healthy Bread

When nutrition and health become your concern, the first thing you need to do is to ditch refined flour breads or white breads and select healthier breads. There are a number of healthy breads’ options available. You can always choose a high fiber whole wheat bread, high protein bread, pita breads & wraps or multi grain bread. These breads are very healthy and are great options for nutritious sandwiches.

Look For Protein Rich Ingredients

Consider classic meats like turkey, chicken, ham, etc for better protein intake. You can also try various vegetarian sandwich spreads like humus, peanut butter, cashew butter, tahini, vegetarian patties etc. More of salads in sandwiches too is a great option.

Say Cheese To Cheese

We all love cheese and the good news is that we can certainly have more of it due to its calcium rich content. Swiss and cheddar cheese are great. You can also add in cheese slices and see your kids totally digging on the healthy sandwich.

Add Dressing

Sandwiches always taste better with an added flavor. Mustard sauce, salsa and mayonnaise are great for sandwiches.

Veggie Love

Pile your sandwiches with vegetables; this is the key for a healthy sandwich. Sliced tomatoes, Olives, Cucumbers, Onions, Capsicum, Lettuce, Bean sprouts, Apples and Herbs are great for sandwiches. Green leafy veggies make a great sandwich. I also prefer sautéing onions a bit so that they turn soft and my angel loves it that way.

Consider Heating/Toasting/Grilling

This is absolutely optional. This will do nothing for the health; neither decreases the nutrition nor increases it, but will do a lot for taste. While you can simply serve raw sandwiches but toasting and heating sandwiches a bit always add more of taste. I too liked them a little grilled and so does my daughter.

These were some must follow ways to raise the nutrition in your sandwich. For a more healthier serving you can always pair your sandwich with healthy sides carrots and celery with dips or a healthy bowl of soup.

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