How to Plan a Mini Vacation With Your Toddler

How to plan a mini vacation with your toddler

We all lead a busy life these days and it often becomes next to impossible to give sufficient time to our family, to our little ones. Since last few days, my guilt was choking me down literally and then one fine day I decided to put aside all my work and go for a mini-trip to shake off the languor of my busy professional life and at the same time to spend some quality time with my loved one, my fond little kid.

Balancing professional and personal life is very important once you have a kid especially if he is of the age of a ‘toddler’. This stage is very crucial in the life of children and a mom’s special attention is very much needed to support them in their social, emotional and cognitive developmental phases. I being a working woman cannot however give all the attention that my toddler needs and have to leave him to nannies for some hours but to compensate for all that I have planned a mini vacation with my toddler this time with great determination. And here I will share with you all how did I actually go ahead with the planning and what was the vacation like.

Make sure of the Weather ‘there’ plus the hotel amenities:

Taking a toddler to vacation needs a thorough planning because he is a tiny-tot and so you have to take into account a huge number of factors: Firstly the weather of the place to where you are planning to go; i.e. it shouldn’t be too cold or hot to make your toddler fall sick, Secondly the hotel where you are going to lodge should have all the necessary amenities to facilitate easy stay with a toddler. For example there should be geysers, installed water heaters for ample hot water for baby’s bath in the hotel room. There should be microwave installed in the room to heat up baby’s food, veggies instantly. There should be dust bins for throwing baby’s diapers and so on.

Before embarking on the holiday trip with your toddler you need to make all the bookings in advance, call up at the hotel to make sure about the facilities and amenities available there and also about the weather. I did not want to take any chances for this mom-toddler trip of mine and thus took all the above ‘planning-the-trip’ steps. Of course my spouse as well accompanied us at this trip and that was an added joy plus advantage. He helped in carrying the baby, packing the goods, and giving the vacation clicks a complete happy family look!

Booking travel tickets ahead of time is crucial too!

Getting your flight or train tickets on the right time is quite necessary as well when you are travelling with a baby. Kids become fussy and impatient on long journeys and just imagine the harassment you would face if your tickets are not confirmed before the due date. So I made sure to book my travel tickets as well as my hotel room much ahead of time

Do your packing:

When you are packing for the vacation, don’t just stuff the bags with your capris and shirts because you have to keep in mind that this time you are taking your toddler to the vacation and hence all necessary items needed for your toddler’s comfort and use have to be packed into the luggage. You need to pack in a huge number of wet wipes, diapers, the favorite toys of your toddler, inflatable pool, bibs and clothing for toddler, thermos, hotpot and other utensil exclusively meant for your toddler, pack of candies to keep your toddler busy and check those usual tantrums during a vacation trip and so on. I did my packing in the same way keeping in sufficient items for the comfort and fun of my toddler

And the net result of all this effective planning was that my mini vacation with my toddler turned out to be a damn success the memories of which I’ll ever cherish!

How often do you plan a vacation with your toddler?

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